Effective Project Management: Setting up for Success

Drupal Camp Asheville 2023 - IN PERSON - July 7th-9th

Mt. Pisgah (228)
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Norah Medlin

The contract is signed, the project team is defined, and goals are set. So you’re probably thinking, let’s kick the project off. Although it’s exciting to jump in and make progress on a new project, there’s a lot to think about before getting started.

Successful projects are a result of great partnerships, and it’s important to establish a strong project team and be on the same page from the start. In this session, we’ll cover the importance of:

  • Business and client team building, including inclusion and transparency
  • Creating a business and client tech team “safe space"
  • Empowering decision-makers with a discovery-first approach
  • Performing phased projects to deliver success when dealing with high-risk and uncertainty