Esteemed - Senior Drupal Developer

Drupal Camp Asheville 2022 - IN PERSON - July 8th-10th

*Required Skills

  • You’ve got a strong grasp on Drupal (8/9) and are comfortable with everything from site building to custom module development.
  • Experience with modern JS frameworks like Vue.js, REACT.js, etc., and architecting headless Drupal solutions
  • You have experience with complex migrations
  • You have extensive experience building custom integrations with external platforms such as CRMs and ID Management Platforms
  • You have strong programming skills, and deep experience with PHP 7+, OOPHP, MySQL, Drupal's DB Abstraction Layer, etc.
  • Extensive experience site building in Drupal (custom views, entity references, complex workflows, SOLR search, etc.)
  • A deep level of comfort working with multiple other developers in a git workflow
  • You work well with others and have strong written and verbal communication skills
  • You are able to navigate and manage multiple (sometimes competing) priorities
  • You are dependable

Nice to have

  • Acquia Certifications. Not all skills can be summed up by test results, but this set of certifications is something our clients often look for when they consider hiring us.
  • Familiarity with Pantheon, Amazee, and/or AWS for hosting
  • Experience using Lando, and/or other container-based environments
  • Experience with continuous integration tools (Circle CI)
  • A passion for DevOps
  • Comfort on the front end of the Drupal stack (working in twig templates, writing SASS and compiling it to CSS, etc.)
  • Experience with mapping tools like leaflet.js, MapBox, Google Maps, etc.
  • A love of puns. We're into puns.

Things you'll do on the job

  • Plan back-end technical architectures that minimize or eliminate performance problems, complexity, or solution fragility.
  • Collaborate with UX and Design colleagues to review wireframes and designs in order to assist in planning a Drupal build that is thoughtful, elegant, robust, as well as realistic from a technical/timeline/budget perspective
  • Lead or assist with the technical planning, user story and technical acceptance creation, and coding.
  • Estimate LOE for tasks within a build, as well as one-off maintenance tasks for clients
  • Collaborate with other developers in order to build out robust, performant Drupal 9 websites, sometimes as the sole BE developer, sometimes as one of multiple BE devs, and possibly as a Lead Developer who guides and manages other devs contributing to the project (depending on the project in question and your experience)
  • At times, you may serve in a client-facing capacity on medium and large-sized projects.
  • Write custom modules, tackle integrations (ranging from simple to complex), and wrangle custom migrations from a variety of platforms into Drupal 8/9 sites.
  • Work alongside other talented developers while maintaining clean code within a version-controlled environment, utilizing pull requests and leaning on Circle CI to manage code merges and deployments
  • Manage Drupal configuration and deploy site changes within a composer-based workflow
  • Efficiently debug and correct Back End(PHP, MySQL, JS) issues.
  • Work independently or with limited oversight to create high quality applications that meet specifications.
  • Evangelize for best practices for back-end development.

The challenges of this role…
Like any dev role, balancing timelines, budgets, requirements, and customer happiness is always a challenge. Because this is a senior level role, we generally expect you to be able to get up to speed quickly and be self-sufficient for the most part. You’ll be working in a team of 3-6 other developers under a Technical Manager who helps your team deliver its work. At any given time, you may be working on several projects at the same day, so jumping back and forth between projects is always a challenge in an agency environment, but we try hard to let developers focus more time on fewer projects when we can, as we understand that’s how we become more efficient as a group.