- Drupal Engineer

Drupal Camp Asheville 2022 - IN PERSON - July 8th-10th

Overview of position

We are seeking a qualified Engineer, responsible for building sites with PHP, Javascript and the Drupal content management platform with an eye towards quality and sustainable code. This role will be part of agile project teams working alongside project managers, designers, engineers, front-end developers, and strategists. Individuals are expected to self-manage with support from their project teams. 

Primary responsibilities

  • Participate in the design, development, quality assurance and support of Internet-based software applications using both proprietary and open source development tools.
  • Work with team leads and clients to determine business needs and requirements as well as user needs and requirements.
  • Support team leads with client meetings and follow-up.
  • Provide task-based time estimates for individual and team work.
  • Help develop project technical specifications, user stories, and acceptance criteria with team members, clients, and external partners.
  • Review the work of fellow development team members and provide them with advice, consultation, and code review.
  • Update and maintain project tickets in the Jira ticketing system.
  • Work independently and as part of a cross-functional team.
  • Work effectively on multiple project teams.
  • Employ strong communication skills.
  • Utilize big picture thinking, keeping client’s business strategies and goals in mind through every project.

Ideal qualifications

  • Strong knowledge of PHP and Composer.
  • Experience writing object-oriented PHP code.
  • Strong knowledge of database design and deployment for dynamic Web sites using MySQL and other similar SQL databases.
  • Knowledge of the Drupal 8/9 platform and Drush.
  • Experience with a JavaScript framework (such as Vue, React, Angular, or Node).
  • Experience with continuous integration tools (e.g., CircleCI).
  • Experience with other open source CMS and frameworks (such as WordPress) a plus.
  • Experience with Apache Solr is a plus.
  • Proficient with the Linux/Apache hosting environment.
  • Experience with Git version control and GitHub workflows.
  • Experience with virtualized development environments and associated tools for automation (Docker, Vagrant, Phing, Ansible).
  • Experience with agile software development processes.
  • Experience working as part of a team.
  • Experience with customer service.


During your first year your accomplishments might include:

First 3 months 

Help architect and estimate the work for a particular feature within the scope of a project in collaboration with an Architecture Owner. You’ll also need to be able to communicate the reasoning behind the estimate and the plan for accomplishing the work to your teammates.

You might also demonstrate a sense of agency in your work: picking up tickets and being vocal about your abilities within the scope of a project. Volunteering to write code, perform PR reviews, or do functionality testing beyond your assigned tickets (but not beyond your assigned time).

First 6 months

Develop a deep understanding of Palantir’s process for integrating all the deliverables and practices that go into our projects: strategy deliverables, design and style guide deliverables, CMS and Front-end code, deployment artifacts and documentation. You should be able to speak to what each of these are and how they relate to each other and impact each other.

You might, at this point, be comfortable diving in and making changes to many areas of a codebase, not just a single area.

Your code reviews might be highly sought after by other technical team members.

First year

Routinely lead or facilitate client presentations about projects. You might be leading the technical parts of a project (as an Architecture Owner) in collaboration with a Product Owner, Team Lead, and Project Advocate on your project team.

You are able to effectively delegate tasks because you’ve grown to know your teammates and their skills and how to effectively work together.

When working on more than one project, you routinely keep the bigger picture in mind so you can accurately plan your work and communicate about it.