- UX Content Strategist

Drupal Camp Asheville 2022 - IN PERSON - July 8th-10th

About the position

This is a position for an experienced UX strategist who has a knack for helping clients with content. We’re looking for someone who creates connections between content, design, data and business goals. This often involves coaching the client on UX best practices as well as how to write for the web. 

We recognize that content continues to be an area where our clients need help. So a key part of this role is to mentor client teams to become better at writing for the web, and writing for the user.

Please note: We are not looking for someone to write content for our clients. We are also not looking for someone to help our clients with grammar. 

The ideal candidate will understand design systems and will work to empower clients to think about their content as a system when crafting their websites. This person is also curious and constantly exploring better ways to solve problems. If the client’s content problem has not been solved, we want someone who will continue to explore better ways to tackle it.

The position is senior level. The candidate will be expected to run projects as a practice leader within a project team and may, at times, serve as a product owner. 

Our typical web projects require a strategist to design and execute research plans. All recommendations to our clients are rooted in data as well as experience. On a typical project, you might spend about 65% of time dedicated to UX strategy and 35% of time dedicated to content strategy.

This role is for you if you are a critical thinker, an empathetic communicator, and detail-oriented person committed to delivering great work.

Examples of UX tasks

  • Run discovery meetings with clients (identify goals, interview stakeholders, create alignment internally and externally)
  • Conduct user research (competitive analysis, usability testing, other qualitative and quantitative methods)
  • Analytics research  
  • Collaborate with design and engineering teams to define page goals, user flows, and components that will be used sitewide
  • Identify and prioritize user groups and their top tasks
  • Connect the business goals with the site structure and the user needs
  • Present and solicit feedback from clients
  • Create taxonomies and site information architecture

Examples of content strategy tasks

  • Create content inventories and conduct content audits
  • User test current content to gauge effectiveness
  • Coach clients on how to write for the web
  • Create examples pages that show best practices for creating content content
  • Create editorial guidelines for site components
  • Advise clients on how to edit content to center the user by writing in plain language, with minimal jargon

Preferred Qualifications

  • Demonstrable examples of UX strategy on a range of projects that:
    • Include a variety of end-user base sizes
    • Encompass both front-end audiences and authoring experiences
  • Experience working in Agile, self-organizing teams
  • Self-directed and able to co-create with a self-organizing team
  • Excellent client relationship and team-building skills
  • Can present and advocate for their strategy work to peers and executive-level stakeholders.
  • Gathers actionable feedback
  • Able to evaluate content effectiveness
  • Curious. Able to say, “I don’t know, but I’ll figure it out," and then make it happen

During your first year, your accomplishments might include

First 3 months

  • Developing and implementing strategy for 1-2 client engagements
  • Connecting business goals to user interactions, content strategy, and information architecture
  • Contributing ideas to the UX team about improving our work processes
  • Receiving coaching and feedback on your projects from your colleagues
  • Learning the technical strengths and constraints of our preferred technology solutions
  • Facilitating discovery-phase workshops and activities
  • Creating a variety of UX strategy assets such as:
    • Content inventories, site maps, and content models
    • Stakeholder interview scripts
    • Usability testing plans and scripts for a project
    • Content audits
    • Reports from site-usage platforms like Hotjar, Google Analytics

First 6 months

  • Running research for projects: designing the approach, conducting analysis, making recommendations
  • Coaching clients on their content strategy
  • Most likely will have completed 1-2 client engagements

First year

  • Increasing our UX strategy practice toolkit
  • Working with a range of UX tools used by the strategy team
  • Being a co-creator of UX approaches for clients
  • Most likely will have completed 4-6 client engagements