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About is a remote-first global workforce that began in France. Our founders are committed to a better way, and that common thread continues today in each of our staff. We’re inspired by a future where digital infrastructure is at once everywhere and invisible. Where innovation and collaboration can easily flow, without technical barriers.

We’re a collective of diverse backgrounds seated together, testing, innovating, challenging each other, and reflecting on new ways to improve digital experiences. We’re here to help our customers thrive. 

Bring your experience to our team and help us build a better way. 

We are expanding the team that drives the sales, billing and end-user experience for our products. This means software components that do everything from furnishing the end-user experience in the web browser or on the command line, to backend components that drive other portions of the product.

You should be a software engineer working daily with one of the following languages:


git    php     go        javascript    apex    salesforce    netsuite


What you can expect to do on a daily basis

  • Write clear, clean, concise code to meet feature request requirements.
  • Debug issues in a multi-service, multi-app environment.
  • Tackle programming problems from the architecture level all the way down to proper code implementation.
  • Review other engineers MRs and provide help to our customer support engineers

What you bring

We do lots of everything here: from client libraries and the command-line interaction layer, to SaaS products and web applications that drive the end-user interface for the product, billing & reporting, user authentication & authorization, interaction with vendors or partners, and the occasional piece of staff tooling that interacts with that software.

With that in mind, we’re looking for engineers to help us build any and all of these pieces! We have several serious web applications written in Go and PHP, each of which are critical to some part of our interaction layer for users. Taken together, they form a key piece of our cloud hosting and devops tooling product. If you’re especially interested in the devops and cloud solutions space, then the job may be even more rewarding for you. Your contribution matters.

You should be a proficient software engineer with at least one of these languages* and be experienced with the domain of web application development. We’ve listed other qualifications or experience that make for great candidates; many of these relate only to a subset of the listed languages and they are provided as examples rather than any sort of exhaustive list

  • Have broad familiarity with the cloud hosting and “DevOps” domain and knowledge of the experience and requirements of e.g. our customer base
  • Know how to evaluate open web standards and use those to guide API decisions & application implementation
  • Have experience making multiple web applications “play nicely” together and function together as an integrated product
  • Have experience with user authentication & authorization flows as well as the other security & compliance requirements endemic to software accessible over the Internet
  • Have experience working with custom Drupal code
  • Understand or are familiar with the domain of recurring payments, e-commerce, etc.
  • Have experience coding in other languages used at, but not on a daily basis by our team: Python

What we bring as a team

  • We are a tight knit team that values open communication that supports growth and knowledge sharing.
  • You will find Golang, PHP, and Javascript developers on the team, some are already polyglot developers and all are working towards that.
  • Daily face to face stand ups and lots of ad hoc pair programming.
  • We’re also pretty fun to work with though we do say so ourselves

This is a remote job. Work from anywhere!

We’re a worldwide, distributed team looking for the best talent. Our remote model has been in practice and thriving since 2014. To us, remote work means flexibility and having truly diverse, global teams.

As a side effect of teams being spread across time zones, you may have to tolerate occasional early morning meetings if you live in the Americas, or late night meetings if you live in an APAC country*. We do our best to accommodate time zones but there are preferred hours for certain roles and teams. The team you interview with will be able to give you a clear idea of their collaborative hours.

Typical work communication happens either via chat (i.e. Slack) or on voice/video calls for synchronous planning or pair programming sessions. In keeping with our remote-first orientation, we generally take a flexible approach towards working hours and meeting the needs of staff who have children or need to manage multiple schedules in their home life. All of this has made a great place to work, and we are proud of an extraordinary retention rate throughout the company’s entire history.

The product we make is an advanced tool for cloud hosting and software engineering & development of web applications. Our goal is to be able to take the codebase of a working application -- the customer’s  “website” code -- and turn it into a running copy of that codebase with the appropriate infrastructure in a matter of minutes. This means that our product is responsible for the entire lifecycle of the customer’s application -- from being able to quickly spin up new environments for development, CI, and testing, to running a stable production codebase that matches exactly what the development team is using.

Company perks and benefits

  • Leadership that cares
  • A global team rich with culture and diversity
  • An open work environment where your voice is encouraged. We can always find ways to do better and look forward to hearing your ideas
  • A product you can believe in. We’re changing the way companies develop and manage their web applications
  • Wellness stipend of $300 a year
  • Professional development budget of $800
  • Tandem – a pool of linguists from around the world willing to help each other work on learning new languages
  • $3,000 office budget at hire (computer is mandatory but spend the rest on things that help you work, from headphones to a wifi extender) and a welcome kit of branded swag
  • A yearly global gift exchange - get paired up with someone 3,000 miles or kilometers away and share a part of your home
  • We’re voted as A Best Place to Work. 96% of employees think is a great place to work
  • Company-wide DE&I initiative that you can be a part of
  • Yearly, international, company-wide meetups (when we're not experiencing a pandemic)
  • Fair PTO based on your country’s standards
  • Inclusive parental leave (timeline is country-dependent)
  • Remote working/flexibility
  • Healthcare, dental, and vision (US, CA, UK, DE, and FR staff only)
  • Matched contributions to 401K/RRSP (US and Canada staff only)
  • Company shares (discretionary)
  • Unlimited accounts

About our recruitment process

We don’t expect a great hire to meet every requirement we have listed. If you can see yourself elevating the team we want to hear about your story. Few of us would be here had we not taken a chance.   

You can expect 1-4 interviews on Google Meet. We leave the process fairly customizable to teams and roles, so in some scenarios we’re able to streamline the process to have minimal rounds. Expect a higher number of rounds for director level roles and above.

Additionally, you can schedule coffee chats with potential future peers while you’re in the recruitment process to see if you can envision working together. Use interview and coffee time to make sure the company aligns with your best working environment.

All roles require background checks.

About our software

We are the most unified, secure, enterprise-grade platform for building, running and scaling fleets of websites and applications. is trusted by 5,000+ organizations globally to create the best digital experiences.