Why A Neurodiversity Initiative?

Drupal Camp Asheville 2024 - July 12th-14th

What does “neurodivergent” mean?

Per the Oxford Dictionary: differing in mental or neurological function from what is considered typical or normal (frequently used with reference to autistic spectrum disorders); not neurotypical.” 

Why do we need a “Neurodiversity Initiative” within open source communities?

Open source communities have been empowering the voices of underrepresented populations and the Drupal project is not an exception to that. Nine years ago the “Diversity & Inclusion” Drupal Users group was officially created. That group started important conversations and initiatives to ensure that keynote speakers, session presenters and featured contributors represented the entirety of the community as a whole. Taking that concept a step further, the Neurodiversity Initiative looks to make camp participation a safe and comfortable experience for individuals that - due to neurodivergences, anxiety disorders, or other challenges - may not have been comfortable speaking at a camp in a traditional format. We know that our community is rich with knowledge and talent and we want to hear from anyone that wants to share!

How are we supporting neurodivergent people?

Drupal Camp Asheville is offering alternatives to traditional live presentations as well as tools, tips and tricks. Read more about that on our Presenter Resources page, submit a session and join the conversation in Slack at drupalasheville.slack.com in the #neurodiversity-initiative channel.