Drupal Camp Asheville 2016

Drupal Camp Asheville 2021 Online Edition - July 8th-9th


Our 6th Drupal Camp in Asheville, NC on August 12-13, 2016! Our camp will be at Asheville-Buncombe Technical Community College this year, right next to downtown Asheville. Whether you are new to Drupal, a rockstar, or somewhere in the middle, this was a great way to learn about the cool things people are doing with Drupal.





A-B Tech
340 Victoria Road
Asheville, NC 28801
United States

35.570638, -82.5552659

Friday, August 12th, 2016

On Friday we will have our training classes and code sprints.

If you are new to Drupal or looking to make the shift from Drupal 7 to Drupal 8, check out our hands-on training. If you are a sprinting ace or you aren't quite sure what a sprint is but you want to contribute, check out our sprints

Saturday, August 13th, 2016

Saturday is our main conference day full of sessions and fun!

Whether you are new to Drupal, a rockstar, or somewhere in the middle, this is a great way to learn about the cool things people are doing with Drupal.

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  • Jonathan
  • Caroline
  • John
  • Pat
  • Marc
  • Mark
  • Steven
  • Dane
  • Jim
  • John
  • Dan
  • Joe
  • Matt
  • Adam
  • Jim
  • Derek
  • David
  • Hilary
  • Michael
  • Andy
  • Dustin
  • Will
  • Jason
  • Aeryn
  • Max
  • Brent
  • Leslie
  • Kaylan
  • Mark
  • Joseph
  • Kyle
  • April
  • Jason
  • Joe
  • Brooke
  • Michael
  • David
  • Brian
  • Zachary
  • Lee Walker's Assless Chaps
  • Vickie
  • Lois
  • David
  • Kelly
  • Reese
  • Ryan
  • Thomas
  • Lee
  • Adam
  • James
  • Tony
  • Samantha
  • Tim
  • Dan
  • Doug
  • Jacqueline
  • Angel
  • Ryan
  • Jack
  • Bo
  • Derek "tachyon"
  • Johnny
  • Tom
  • Jeanne
  • Chad
  • Steve
  • Sean
  • Kate
  • Mark
  • Beth
  • Stuart
  • Iris
  • Andre
  • Justin
  • Matt
  • Perry
  • Mike
  • Kylie
  • Nealy
  • Matthew
  • Leul
  • eric
  • Jeff
  • Mark
  • Cory
  • Scott
  • Bayo
  • jon
  • LUKE
  • ADAM
  • Chris
  • Jeff
  • Nancie


Backdrop CMS - D7 fork with CMI, Layouts, Views etal in core

Jon Firebaugh

Presentation will focus on why to use Backdrop CMS, Backdrop's committment to affordability, the various improvements over Drupal 7, and the ease of moving from D7 to Backdrop. A feature demonstration will follow a short video and slidedeck. There will be a drawing for those present for the new book -  "Beginning Backdrop CMS" by Todd Tomlinson

Building Secure and Available Drupal Applications with Guardr

Mark Shropshire

Guardr is a Drupal distribution with a combination of modules and settings to enhance a Drupal application's security and availability to meet enterprise security requirements. Presentation attendees will learn about Guardr's philosophy, features, and how to start new projects with Guardr.

Commerce 2.x at a glance

Ryan Szrama

Commerce 2.x is still under heavy development for Drupal 8, with the most recent major merges including the full Payment API (which itself represents a major leap in functionality over what was provided in 1.x). In this session, you'll get a quick overview of the major new features in Commerce 2.x by way of a short technical demo that's sure to embarrass the presenter.

Custom Content Migrations to Drupal 8

Michael Anello

Even if you're only casually acquainted with Drupal 8, you probably know that the core upgrade path to Drupal 8 has been completely rewritten from the ground-up, using many of the concepts of the Migrate and Drupal-to-Drupal migration modules. Using the new core Migrate modules, it is possible to migrate much of a Drupal 6 (or Drupal 7) site to Drupal 8 with a minimum of fuss.

Dude, Where's My Features? Configuration Management in D8

Dan Gurin

Before Drupal 8, changes in site configuration could only be stored and moved between environments by using the Features module. This practice was less than ideal, as Features was not originally conceived for this purpose. Since there was no other better way to manage configuration outside of the database, this became the standard practice.

Leveraging LeafletJS with Drupal

Kyle Levitan

LeafletJS is an open source JavaScript library for building interactive maps. It is lightweight and mobile friendly, making it the leading solution for web mapping. Developers without a background in GIS (Geographic Information Systems) can rejoice in it’s simplicity, while still being able to produce complex interactive and personalized maps. Have tons of location data to plot?

Marketing Automation and Web Personalization with Drupal: An Introduction

Jason Want

Marketing automation software allows marketers to streamline and automate repetitive marketing tasks, such as email marketing, to nurture prospects from the top of marketing funnel to sales-ready leads. Web personalization aims to tailor a digital experience for each site visitor to increase engagement and conversation rates.