Business Development

Drupal Camp Asheville 2022 - IN PERSON - July 8th-10th

Internal workflow, Marketing, Sales, SEO

Onboard Developers 3-5x faster with Cloud Based Development Environments

Matt Obert
Matt Obert headshot
Matt Obert is the Director of Screening at Esteemed. He is a creative technologist and Acquia Certified Drupal 8 Site Builder with more than twenty years of experience building and hosting web applications.
Jasmine Gigas
Jasmine Gigas headshot

Jasmine Gigas is a Drupal Developer living in Virginia. When she isn't working, she enjoys riding bikes with her family, staring at her chickens and reading.

In this demo by Esteemed Digital and DevPanel, we will demonstrate how to remove the pain points of setting up and managing a cloud-based development environment for your team and your clients. We’ll do in 15 minutes what might take your development team a few weeks to set up. 

App-like web capabilities for your, coupled, decoupled, or hybrid Drupal project

Alex Borsody
Moonraft Innovation Labs
Alex Borsody headshot
Alex has been a software developer for around 15 years. He tries to bridge the gap between reliable, established, and cutting-edge technologies.
Wilfred Arambhan
Moonraft Innovation Labs
Wilfred Arambhan

Wilfred works as a Drupal tech lead for Moonraft Innovation Labs. His areas of expertise and interest lie in open source technologies and content management systems. He has spent his free time mostly with his furry friends and traveling.

Drupal can be used as a pluggable backend using just about any API you can think of. By integrating with these APIs you can build just about any business apps you would find on the App Store or Google Play.

5 risk mitigation tips for deploying Drupal at scale

John A Richards
John A Richards headshot
John is the Manager of Developer Advocacy at Pantheon and lives in the greater St. Louis area with his wife and clowder of cats. He is a connector of people and an evangelist for the Open Web.
As the visibility of a website scales up, so does the amount of risk so we are going to talk about mitigating that risk.  The right workflows can reduce or mitigate the risk that comes with managing Drupal sites at scale.

Creating a Custom Rasa Conversational AI Chatbot for Drupal Websites

Rick Torzynski
Rick Torzynski headshot
With over 12 years of Drupal experience, Rick Torzynski is a Senior Drupal Developer at ECS, and has worked for companies like SpinSpire, Florida Blue, Scribe Fusion, and APR Energy.
You will learn how to create a custom conversational AI chatbot knowledge base using Rasa, an open source chatbot framework and how to integrate this chatbot into a Drupal website using the Component module and JavaScript.

How to take the stress out of writing case studies

David Minton

Case studies are great sales tools. But how many times have you gotten ready to submit a pitch, and realized you were missing case studies for the projects you want to highlight? You assumed somebody on the team would write one after the projected deployed, but everyone got reassigned to other projects, and it slipped through the cracks, again. And now you are sad.

Editor UX Matters: Gutenberg Can Help

Thor Andre Gretland and Drew Gorton

Companies: Frontkom and Pantheon

Many Drupal projects spend a lot of time and energy on architecture, integrations, deployment pipelines, user experience and more. Very few spend time tuning the editor experience, often resulting in obtuse and intimidating content editing interfaces. The result? Stale content, unhappy clients who dread editing the site.