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Event Sessions

Build a powerful, highly performant search application with React, Apache Solr, and Drupal

Chris Russo and Dan Murphy
Savas Labs

This spring, our team built a high performing, ultra fast search interface for a client Drupal site using React JS, Apache Solr, and the Drupal Search API module.

This project allowed the client to leverage some of the well-established benefits of decoupling Drupal's content from the presentation layer, while also avoiding many of the challenges that complete decoupling involves.

Evolving Your Stylesheets for the Modern Web

Mike Herchel

The pace of modern front-end development doesn’t let up. New standards, APIs, techniques, and best practices are being introduced on a monthly basis.

This presentation will walk a front-end developer through vital new standards that we will be seeing more frequently. 

This includes

Friends Inside My Computer: Making Connections in a Remote Workplace

Kelly Dassing, Chris Manning and Sam Seide

We’ve all heard the old adage: you spend more time with your coworkers than with your family. While it’s still true, things are a little more complicated for remote teams. The “work family” you may have had when stuck in cubicle farms isn’t quite the same when you work for a distributed company.

How the DKAN Open Data Platform Empowers the Scientific Community

Stefanie Gray and Dan Feder

Transparent and accessible data is vital for advancing scientific insights and achievements. When governments, nonprofits, and universities make their data publicly available, the resources can then be used by citizens, researchers and journalists in new and innovative ways.

How to Find and Retain Drupal Talent

James Sansbury

If your business runs on Drupal in some capacity, you understand the need for having great software teams to keep everything running smoothly. Finding developers, themers, project managers, designers, and the like that have great Drupal experience and mesh well with your broader team is essential. Creating an environment that keeps them around can be just as important.

Lightning Talks and Closing

⚡Lightning Talks ⚡ are short (5-minute) impromptu sessions on anything you want. Do you have something you’re proud of? Do you have a new technique that’s saving you time? Have you learned about something cool? We can't wait to see what you have to say!

Make Local Dev Great with Lando!

Aaron Feledy
Arrow One Solutions LLC

Asking members of your team to spin up local copies of your Drupal application can result in all sorts of different solutions to the same problem. Some might spin up VMs, some might spin up their own combination of Docker Containers, and some might struggle with native solutions on their own machines.

My-Great Migrate API Experience

Kyle Levitan
Phase2 Technology

Migrating from Drupal 6 to Drupal 7 felt a little hacky to me, simply because there was no obvious core based method or standard convention at the time of my employer's upgrade to Drupal 7.

No More Post-Its! Automate Configuration in Drupal 7 & 8

Chris OConnor
Hearts of Oak LLC

Learn to change tires on a moving car! 

In this session, you'll learn efficient and bulletproof(-ish) ways to roll out significant changes to new/existing sites without any manual UI changes. No more scribbling, code-pushing, and clicking: enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your configuration will automatically cascade into all your environments.

Overcoming Impostor Syndrome

Kathryn Grayson Nanz
Herrmann Solutions

I don't know about you, but I'm very familiar with the feeling that I'm just sitting at my keyboard "faking it 'til I make it." But let me tell you a secret: We're all just making it up as we go...and that's the best part of our job!  Impostor Syndrome holds us back and tells us that we don't deserve to be here, but it's wrong. In tech, we're especially likely to struggle with Imposto

Patterns, Patterns: Design Systems Implementation the Red Hat Way

Derek Reese
Red Hat Inc.

Design systems are a powerful tool in any company’s arsenal. They provide consistency, support brand recognition, and streamline the design process itself. There are many benefits, but implementing systems across a large product portfolio can be cumbersome for the most nimble of teams.

Pivoting in a Project: Strategies for adjusting to scope changes

Brian Manning and Kelly Dassing

As a Project Manager, Strategist, Developer, Designer, or Stakeholder, we are all part of the puzzle—and it's crucial to keep sight of the big picture—even when we’re required to pivot from the original plan. Pivots come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They can be a minor change that’s quickly integrated into scope, or a major departure that alters the entire course of the project.

Tips on Securing Drupal Sites

Greg Monroe
SolarWinds MSP

This session is a "how to" overview / case study of things learned by experiencing GDPR Security audits, DoS attacks, brute force login attacks, annoying robot crawlers, and hackers doing security probes.

The session will cover: