Drupal Camp Asheville 2022 - IN PERSON - July 8th-10th

How to win in arguments

Jordana Fung
Drupal CWG

Jordana is a longtime Drupal community member and mentor, developer, and member of the Drupal Community Working Group. She has a passion for communication, personal development & growth, and community health.

In these especially tense and stressful times, we are often in situations that can make traversing difficult conversations even harder.

There are moments when we need to discuss, argue and defend ideas and issues, and, at times, we even need to defend ourselves.

Finding Purpose and Alignment in Your Career

Chris McGrath
Chris McGrath headshot
Chris McGrath is the CEO of Esteemed, a company focused on people, workforce management, and human workplace solutions. He is a longtime tech leader, web developer, digital strategist, and solutions architect. He has been an active member, speaker, organizer, and sponsor of the Drupal community since 2011.
Dori Kelner
Dori headshot
Dori has a passion for building organizational culture with a strong orientation towards valuing people. At Esteemed, she serves as the VP of Culture + Well-Being, helping to create a compassionate, human-centric workplaces for Esteemed's many knowledge workers and business partners
In this session, Chris McGrath, CEO and Dori Kelner, V.P. of Culture + Well-being at Esteemed will share insights and reflections for mastering self-awareness and connecting with our authentic selves. They will discuss the themes and patterns encountered while working the past 25+ years with developers of all backgrounds

Backdrop CMS as a viable Drupal 7 upgrade path: A case study featuring Stanford University

Eric Toupin
Aten Design Group
Eric Toupin head shot

Eric is a senior developer at Aten Design Group, headquartered in Denver, Colorado. He's been working with Drupal for more than a decade, has built a handful of sites in Backdrop CMS, and recently completed two major Drupal 7 to Backdrop CMS upgrades.

This session will discuss Backdrop CMS as a viable, secure, and innovative tool in the Drupal family of software solutions.

Security in Drupal: what can go wrong?

Benji Fisher
Benji Fisher headshot

 Benji is an active member of the Drupal community:

  • member of the usability team
  • co-maintainer of the Migrate API
  • provisional member of the security team

He often helps out on the #ux and #migration channels in Drupal Slack.

Let's "get off the island" and look at Drupal security from the point of view of an outsider. The OWASP Top Ten is an industry standard list of the most common vulnerabilities that can affect web sites. This session will start with an overview of the Top Ten, and then take a more detailed look at a few of these vulnerabilities. We will review some actual Drupal security advisories:

I am Functional and So Can You

This session is geared towards individuals who are having difficulties dealing with mental illness diagnosis, people who are curious about getting past the stigma associated with mental illness, or people who are curious and would like to learn more about being a better friend to those who live with mental illness.

You don't have to be a technical writer to write technically

Marjorie Freeman
Red Hat Inc.
Marjorie Freeman headshot
Marjorie Freeman is a community manager by day and a visionary entrepreneur by night.

A technical writer is a professional who translates highly technical concepts into a digestible format for the end-user. A huge part of a technologist's role -- no matter an architect, developer, or sysadmin -- is communication. But everyone has different ways of doing so.