User Experience & Accessibility

Open Y: Building a platform and open source community for YMCAs around the world

Stuart Broz

Open Y is an initiative driven by YMCAs for YMCAs. It is an open source platform built on Drupal 8. It is a philosophy of sharing, collaboration, and innovation. It is a community of YMCAs and digital partners.

Agile Design

Kelly Albrecht

For teams familiar with traditional project phases, a common question when considering using an agile methodology is: Where does the creative team and its phases fit into an agile process?

When "you never get a second chance to make a first impression," how do you design iteratively and "fail fast"?

Designers instinctively understand the importance of the initial encounter, uniquely rife with potential, between their work and the affected viewer.

Live Demo: How to Create a Winning Website with Drupal Best Practices

Mark Shropshire

Winning Drupal websites live at the intersection of psychology, technology, and brand- a place that can get very complicated for users.

Idiot-proofing Drupal

Luke Withrow

UNC Asheville recently completed a 2-year project to design, develop, and implement 2 new Drupal themes for our 100+ websites. One theme was externally facing, the other an administrative theme.

This talk will discuss the challenges of having hundreds of users (of various skill levels) editing your site. How do you ensure consistency? Good content? Proper formatting? Accessible content? How do you train everyone? Where do you find the balance between giving editors a flexible toolset, while preventing them from going off the rails?

Styleguide-Driven Development with Components & Paragraphs

Derek DeRaps

The Paragraphs module has been around since 2013 and rapidly gained acclaim for being the bomb diggity. And though Panels, Panopoly, and the In-Place Editor have long been staple ingredients in Kalamuna’s awesome-sauce, our love affair is officially over. We find those tools have lost their shine and perhaps outlived their usefulness; Kalateam is moving full steam ahead with some Paragraphs-based page building workflows that represent a radical shift in editorial UX for our clients.

Web Accessibility

Jeremy Proffitt

This session will cover several areas on web accessibility. Web Accessibility 101 and the legal aspect for business. This talk is not specific to Drupal, but focuses on best practices that apply to any website.

Some of the accessibility 101 things I will cover are:

  • What is accessibility and why design for it
  • Great Alt Text
  • Accessible Forms
  • Skip To Content Integration
  • Accesskey Integration
  • Site Structure Importance
  • and more.

Legal & beneficial aspects of accessibility:

Backdrop CMS - D7 fork with CMI, Layouts, Views etal in core

Jon Firebaugh

Presentation will focus on why to use Backdrop CMS, Backdrop's committment to affordability, the various improvements over Drupal 7, and the ease of moving from D7 to Backdrop. A feature demonstration will follow a short video and slidedeck. There will be a drawing for those present for the new book -  "Beginning Backdrop CMS" by Todd Tomlinson

Backdrop, is always responsive. Switch between themes while keeping your layout intact. Unlimited layouts and contextual configuration for every page.

Deploy easily using new configuration management tools.

What's Your Angular?

Sean Ainsley

Angular 2 has become more popular as a solid solution for use in front end Development in recent months. In this presentation I will discuss what Angular 2 is, how you can get started quickly, and some use cases for it. This awesome framework will be a great addition to your FrontDev skill set and Drupal projects in general.