Accessible Images When It Matters Most

Drupal Camp Asheville 2024 - July 12th-14th

Hopin Main Stage
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Carie Fisher
Deque Systems

Carie Fisher is an author, speaker, and developer who is passionate about the intersection of front-end code and UX, digital accessibility, and promoting diversity in the tech world.

Carie Fisher

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic - timing is everything. The information you consume today could quite literally save your life tomorrow. And with more than 65 percent of the population being visual learners - meaning they learn and remember best through visual communication - the job of creating and sharing accessible images has never been more critical. This is especially true for government-issued public service announcements (PSAs) aimed at providing critical and urgent information to the public.

While creating accessible images seems like a simple topic at first glance - you just need to add alt text to an image, right? - the topic is much more nuanced than people think. In this talk, we will review the different types of images, dive into some real-world examples, and discuss which elements matter most when our message needs to reach everyone.

In this live presentation, we will review:

  • The different types of images - decorative vs informative (plus actionable, emotional, simple, and complex)
  • Image elements we need to consider for making our images more inclusive to all
  • Accessibility of informational images created during the COVID-19 pandemic

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