Presenter Resources

Drupal Camp Asheville 2021 Online Edition - July 8th-9th

DrupalCamp Asheville 2021 is happening online!

You will have 45 minutes for your session. You may include a Q&A session as part of that, but we ask that you have at least 30 minutes' worth of material prepared.

After your session, you can continue the conversation in Hopin chat or Drupal Asheville Slack.

Speaker Support

If you need immediate assistance, contact us in the #camp-2021-presenters channel in Drupal Asheville Slack.

Presenter Slides

You may use whatever slide deck you desire. We request that you include the following slides in your presentation:

  • Title Slide
  • Speaker Slide


Here are some tips to ensure an accessible presentation:

  • Check the color contrast of your slides. When presenting a talk in a live space, dark backgrounds with light text are typically more accessible due to the room's lighting/how the presentation is projected on the screen. Online presentations have more wiggle room, as long as it meets the WCAG color contrast ratios.
  • Choose an accessible typeface and make sure your font size is large enough to read from the back of a room. Typically, you want to aim for 24 points or larger and use a common serif font face like Arial, Verdana, Helvetica.
  • Describe any animations or images you use, if they add value to the content for folks who may not be able to view them. Likewise, if you show a movie snippet, it should be captioned and/or audio described. Just keep in mind that movement can cause motion sickness, vertigo, and even seizures in some people - so use such elements wisely.
  • Check your slides for readability. Aim for a 9th-grade reading level and avoid jargon, buzzwords, and abbreviations as some folks may not be native speakers.
  • Less is more! Ask yourself if you really need all that text on your slide? Or a GIF/movie? Or that¬†infographic? Consider the cognitive and physical load of having complex visuals in your slides.
  • For more in-depth info on accessible presentations, check out the resource¬†How to Make Your Presentations Accessible to All from the WAI group.

Note for participants: Video recordings will be captioned.

Prepare your presentation space

  • Have your computer plugged and in a good location for internet WIFI.
  • Find a quiet space.
  • Mute your desktop notifications.
  • Remember folks can see what's behind you (there are no options for virtual backgrounds).
  • Place the lighting so it is not directly in the camera view.

Session Setup

Join your session 5 minutes early for tech setup. The session will be available to attendees and recording during this time, but we will cut this part of the video when it is uploaded to our YouTube channel.

Your session moderator will introduce you and assist with Q&A.

Conference Platform: Hopin

Saturday sessions will be presented in the conference platform Hopin. Please visit Using Hopin as a speaker and/or watch this demo video to learn how to participate as a speaker:

Featured speakers will participate on the Stage and everyone else will speak in Sessions.

If your presentation requires playing audio through the computer, please use your computer mic or an external mic that can pick up your speaker sound instead of a headset. This may require a more quiet location for your presentation.

We recommend turning off your video when you begin presenting so that the slides are recorded full screen. Otherwise, it will show a split-screen between your video and screen share. You can toggle your video on/off during the presentation if necessary. Introductions and Q&A can be video only with the moderator also sharing their video.

Presentation Resources