Submit Training Proposal

Drupal Camp Asheville 2020 - July 10th-12th at Wilma M. Sherrill Center & Kimmel Arena

Training Submission Information

The deadline for submitting training proposals is March 10th, 2020.

By submitting a training to Drupal Camp Asheville you agree to the following:

  • That you will follow the Code of Conduct.
  • If selected, you will attend the camp (July 10, 2020) and present your training.
  • If you need to cancel your attendance and/or presentation, you will notify the camp organizers as soon as possible so that they can arrange for a substitution.
  • That you will not include any proprietary material in your training that you do not have the legal right to include.

When submitting your training let us know the following:

  • Who is your ideal audience member, the person who would get the most out of your training?
  • What do you expect people to be able to take away from your training?
  • How much and what kind of technical knowledge do people need going in to your training?

Selected trainers get a ticket to camp as well as their logo and company name on the camp website as an In Kind sponsor.

Training Information

  • You will have 5 - 6 hours for your training. The training schedule will be 9am - 4pm including lunch and breaks.
  • Trainers should plan to arrive in their room at least 15 minutes beforehand to set up.
  • You should bring:
    • Your laptop and power adaptor (and a converter if needed)
    • Your presentation/slides (locally on your laptop - our wifi is good, but just in case...)
    • A cable to connect your laptop via HDMI (we expect to have these, but it is good to be prepared)
The title for your training.
The description of your training as you would like it to appear on the website schedule.
A description of the person or persons doing the training. As you would like for it to appear on the website.
Is your attendance to the camp dependent on acceptance of this training?
Please provide some simple details about when and where you have presented this training. If there is a recording available online, we'd love to see a link to it!
About text formats
If this training is selected we will be posting and talking about it on various social media sites. Please provide some example posts to help us better articulate the value of the training to potential attendees.