Drupal Camp Asheville 2020

Drupal Camp Asheville 2024 - July 12th-14th



Event Sessions

Deploy to Mars with Lando

Aaron Feledy
Arrow One Solutions LLC

You thought Lando was just a flight simulator. A tool to be used on the ground, safely replicating the real-world environment you and your team face in production. What if I told you that Lando is also your production facility, your launchpad, and your mission control?

Energizing the Seated

Avi Schwab

Avi will be sharing some advice on staying active while working remotely. The session is based on 4+ years of remote work, 2 years of work with a personal trainer, and the book Deskbound by Dr. Kelly Starrett. Avi will share some tips on how to stay active and moving when you're in front of a monitor for 40+ hours a week.

Freelance: Money grows on trees but the branches are very high!

Doug Vann & Chris McGrath
Drupal Contractors by Esteemed

Is there REALLY money sitting out there just waiting for you to put on your Freelance hat and go get it? Absolutely! Let's talk about different ways to get to it and how to not lose your shirt or sanity along the way! Topics will include: Banking, Accounting, Taxes, Filing a Biz name, Invoicing, Time Tracking, and Getting Gigs!

Lightning Talks

Anyone can present a lightning talk and it can be about any topic. Each speaker gets 5 minutes to talk about their topic, slides or no slides.  If you want to speak, click the Share Audio and Video button. First come first present.

Managing media in large-scale Drupal websites

Mario Hernandez

Images are a critical part of most websites.  They enhance the user experience and make your website more engaging and visually appealing.  However, if not handled properly, images can jeopardize your website’s performance and push visitors away if your site takes too long to load.

Media is now in Core: Let's use it!

Christopher Burge
University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Over the past two years, the media landscape in Drupal 8 has seen a significant evolution. Much of the contrib code that was previously needed to support media management and usage has been replaced by Drupal core functionality. This session will demonstrate how to take advantage of these new core features.