Friday Training

Drupal Camp Asheville 2021 Online Edition - July 8th-9th

Drupal Camp Asheville is proud to announce full and half-day training workshops on Friday, July 10, 2020! Each of these workshops is included in the price of the camp admission and taught by a world-class instructor.

Welcome: 8:30am-9:00am EDT on the Hopin Main Stage
Trainings: 9:00am-4:30pm EDT (includes morning, afternoon and lunch breaks) in Zoom - links are listed on the Hopin Reception Page
Prize Raffle and Closing: 4:45pm-5pm EDT on the Hopin Main Stage

Space for these workshops is extremely limited, so please only register if you are 100% positive that you'll be able to attend.

Register Now and select a training as your Friday Activity.

Intermediate to Advanced CSS for Practical Peoples

This training is for people who have to use CSS occasionally (e.g. back-end devs/designers/power editors) or people that are getting with CSS and know the basics. Our goal is to help attendees feel comfortable styling a page from scratch, knowing what styles work best for different scenarios, and feel comfortable debugging layout and styling issues.

We'll be focusing on why and how things work, and less on syntax which can be easily googled.

We'll be going over:

  • CSS Layout post CSS Grid (how to use grid, flexbox, and when to use the old stand bys)
  • Document flow, who can be your best friend (but may currently be your enemy)
  • CSS architecture with topics like:
  • Code writing tips and organization that can help keep CSS maintainable
  • Different approaches to class names and applying CSS and their pros/cons
  • Gotchas, tips, and myth busting on performance, organization, integrating CSS with your CMS (we'll use Drupal as the example)
  • Tips on building CSS in an existing system, or creating on of your own
  • Debugging CSS
  • The tools to debug
  • How to debug different kinds of layout issues
  • Exercises/examples of common bugs
  • Transitions/Animations in CSS
  • Advanced CSS techniques and tricks
  • Favorite tips and tricks (guest speakers and audience participation welcome!)

Wes Ruvalcaba

Wes Ruvalcaba is a Senior UX & UI Designer at Red Hat and a former Lullabot. He has over 17 years of experience with CSS as well as almost a decade of experience teaching in higher and giving trainings.

His experience ranges from huge sites like and, to higher ed like Carnegie Mellon School of Computer Science's site, to architecting and designing Highlights for Children.

Wes Ruvalcaba
Slide for Intermediate to Advanced CSS

First Time Contributor Workshop (Morning)

Come for the code, stay for the community.

Drupal thrives on community contributions in the form of patches and documentation to both contributed modules and core. This helps the project move forward and stay relevant.

Not everyone who works on open source projects is a senior developer. Drupal is built through lots of little tasks. Smaller tasks help people increase confidence and gain experience, which, in turn, leads to more contributions. We'll build on each other's strengths to learn how to navigate the issue queue while having fun trying new things.

But how does one become a contributor?

Together we will go through the process of creating an issue, writing a patch, uploading the fix to, reviewing the patch for RTBC (reviewed and tested by the community) and more. We'll even take a look at the upcoming GitLab contribution process because specific tools and processes change over time.


  • A basic understanding of Drupal and maybe the command line (but not necessary)
  • A laptop

AmyJune Hineline

OpenSource Community Ambassador @ Kanopi Studios

AmyJune Hineline is the Open Source Community Ambassador at Kanopi Studios. With a dual focus on both open-source community development and inclusivity, she is uniquely positioned to help individuals become more comfortable and confident as they contribute to their communities. She co-organize various open-source camps and conventions throughout North America, empowering individuals to forge deep community connections that benefit the whole. As a self-described non-coder, AmyJune helps communities discover how they can contribute and belong in more ways than coding. 

With five years of open-source community involvement behind her, she has had the opportunity to become actively involved in both the Drupal and WordPress communities: working to lower the barrier to entry in tech though the leadership of first-time contributor workshops at the local and regional level. 

Her ongoing experience as a hospice nurse keeps her in touch with the challenges faced by many end-users. In her continued efforts to make a difference, she helps organize A11yTalks, an online meetup where they invite folks on every month to talk about all things accessibility - one of the core components of building an inclusive web. 

Outside of her mission in the technology community space, she has a deep love for mycology, geocaching, and air-cooled Volkswagens.

AmyJune Hineline
Kanopi Studios logo
Kanopi Studios: Contribution Workshop #DrupalContributions slide

Speaker Diversity Workshop (Morning)

This workshop helps speakers from underrepresented groups prepare to speak at conferences. This will, in turn, help local meetups, Drupal Camps, and even DrupalCons develop a more diverse speaker roster. The workshop helps folks bust through their impostor syndrome and develop a topic, title, pitch, bio, and outline.

The workshop covers:

  • Impostor syndrome
  • Finding a topic
  • Better speaker tips
  • Writing a great pitch
  • Creating an outline
  • Creating great slides
  • Public speaking confidence

This workshop is a great fit for you if you’ve ever felt uncomfortable about speaking at events or wanted to present but found yourself thinking:

“What would I talk about?”

“I’m not an expert in anything.”

Qymana Botts

Software Engineer at Nerdery

Armed with an arsenal of programming languages, about 6 or 7 musical instruments, and a comically robust knowledge of video game lore, Qymana Botts is a quirky, enthusiastic dev on a quest to contribute a verse to this powerful play. Formerly a globetrotting music teacher, she made the transition to tech in 2017. Now, she works as a Software Engineer at Nerdery in Chicago. She is also an IAAP Certified Professional in Accessibility Core Competencies (CPACC).

Qymana Botts

Getting Started with Drupal 8

Drupal, an open source content management system, is used to make many of the websites and applications you use every day. Drupal has great standard features, like easy content authoring, reliable performance, and excellent security.

In this training, Pantheon’s expert Drupal instructors will walk you through the essentials of creating your first Drupal website. By the end, you’ll have an understanding of Drupal’s fundamental building blocks and a working sandbox on Pantheon that you can continue to use for as long as you like. From there, you can continue to explore at your own pace with our recommended self-serve training resources.

Who Should Attend:
No prior experience with Drupal or web development is necessary. All are welcome.

The eight-hour course consists of topic-driven lectures and step-by-step exercises delivered online. Some typical attendees of past events have been:

  • Drupal-Curious Developers - Ever wonder how to build sites with Drupal?
  • Junior Developers - Anyone getting started with web development will learn the foundations of Drupal.
  • Web Team Members - Project Managers, Site Builders, QA testers and anyone else who works with a Drupal site building team.

What you'll learn:

  • Drupal Basics: Discover why Drupal has become one of the biggest CMSs and how you can leverage the Drupal community on your next project.
  • Content Types & Fields: These building blocks of Drupal allow you to create and manage complex data structures with an easy UI.
  • Dynamic Lists: You’ll learn how to use Views, a UI-driven query builder, to generate dynamic pages and blocks that can be reused throughout your site.

Q&A: We'll spend a portion of the time answering any questions you have around the essentials of Drupal.

Doug Cone

Engagement Manager at Pantheon

As a kid, I loved writing code so much that I filled many notebooks with handwritten code. I started freelancing in high school, I found I was building the same solutions repeatedly, and began building my own CMS. Then I discovered open source, and never looked back. Today I'm privileged to work for a company delivering a leading WebOps experience for Drupal and WordPress websites

Doug Cone
Pantheon: Getting Started with Drupal 8

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