Intermediate to Advanced CSS for Practical Peoples

Drupal Camp Asheville 2022 - IN PERSON - July 8th-10th

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Wes Ruvalcaba
Red Hat Inc.

Wes Ruvalcaba is a Senior UX & UI Designer at Red Hat and a former Lullabot. He has over 17 years of experience with CSS as well as almost a decade of experience teaching in higher and giving trainings.

His experience ranges from huge sites like and, to higher ed like Carnegie Mellon School of Computer Science's site, to architecting and designing Highlights for Children.

Wes Ruvalcaba
Slide For Intermediate To Advanced CSS

This training is for people who have to use CSS occasionally (e.g. back-end devs/designers/power editors) or people that are getting with CSS and know the basics. Our goal is to help attendees feel comfortable styling a page from scratch, knowing what styles work best for different scenarios, and feel comfortable debugging layout and styling issues.

We'll be focusing on why and how things work, and less on syntax which can be easily googled.

We'll be going over:

  • CSS Layout post CSS Grid (how to use grid, flexbox, and when to use the old stand bys)
  • Document flow, who can be your best friend (but may currently be your enemy)
  • CSS architecture with topics like:
  • Code writing tips and organization that can help keep CSS maintainable
  • Different approaches to class names and applying CSS and their pros/cons
  • Gotchas, tips, and myth busting on performance, organization, integrating CSS with your CMS (we'll use Drupal as the example)
  • Tips on building CSS in an existing system, or creating on of your own
  • Debugging CSS
  • The tools to debug
  • How to debug different kinds of layout issues
  • Exercises/examples of common bugs
  • Transitions/Animations in CSS
  • Advanced CSS techniques and tricks
  • Favorite tips and tricks (guest speakers and audience participation welcome!)