User Interface & Design

Drupal Camp Asheville 2022 - IN PERSON - July 8th-10th

Improving Data Access and Editorial Experience for the Center for American Women and Politics

Sean Walsh
Sean T Walsh headshot

Sean is a co-founder of CrowdCG and works with higher ed and non-profit clients primarily using Drupal, since 2012. Sean works as a full stack developer and provides design oversight for projects.

Jessica Bladon

Jessica is a co-founder of CrowdCG and work with higher ed and non-profit clients primarily using Drupal, since 2012. Jessica manages accounts and projects and works on content strategy and site building.

The Center for American Women and Politics recently launched 2 Drupal websites that fulfill a long held goal of providing greater access to their data on women officeholders. This presentation will talk about these 2 projects, including the challenges and successes of each.

App-like web capabilities for your, coupled, decoupled, or hybrid Drupal project

Alex Borsody
Moonraft Innovation Labs
Alex Borsody headshot
Alex has been a software developer for around 15 years. He tries to bridge the gap between reliable, established, and cutting-edge technologies.
Wilfred Arambhan
Moonraft Innovation Labs
Wilfred Arambhan

Wilfred works as a Drupal tech lead for Moonraft Innovation Labs. His areas of expertise and interest lie in open source technologies and content management systems. He has spent his free time mostly with his furry friends and traveling.

Drupal can be used as a pluggable backend using just about any API you can think of. By integrating with these APIs you can build just about any business apps you would find on the App Store or Google Play.

Everything You Wanted to Know about CKEditor 5 and Drupal, But Were Afraid to Ask

Kevin Pittman
Georgia Institute of Technology
Kevin Pittman with a bear puppet

Kevin is a Web Services Architect for the Ivan Allen College of Liberal Arts at Georgia Tech, supporting all of the websites in a college made up of six schools and more than a dozen project centers.

This session will provide an overview of the changes on both the CKEditor side and the Drupal side, and a look at what you'll need to do to get your custom modules updated to work with CKEditor 5.

Creating a Custom Rasa Conversational AI Chatbot for Drupal Websites

Rick Torzynski
Rick Torzynski headshot
With over 12 years of Drupal experience, Rick Torzynski is a Senior Drupal Developer at ECS, and has worked for companies like SpinSpire, Florida Blue, Scribe Fusion, and APR Energy.
You will learn how to create a custom conversational AI chatbot knowledge base using Rasa, an open source chatbot framework and how to integrate this chatbot into a Drupal website using the Component module and JavaScript.

Why is building components in Drupal so difficult?

Kyle Einecker
Kyle Einecker headshot
Kyle has been working with Drupal since 2014, doing everything from theming, module development, to full on project architecture. He is active in the Drupal community and submits modules, patches, speaks at conferences/camps, and is an "Acquia Triple Certified" developer.
In this session, we'll establish the parts of an individual component and what a component system needs to be successful. From there we'll look at various component system architectures and try to identify common pain points to see if there are bigger problems we should be addressing as a community. 

Accessibility is a moving target - What's new in 2022?

AmyJune Hineline
of at Red Hat
AmyJune Hineline headshot
AmyJune Hineline is the Senior Community Manager at, a project supported by Red Hat.
Despite our best efforts, it’s difficult to future proof a website for accessibility standards. Your code and design may follow current standards, but will your careful compliance become obsolete when new guidelines are released? 

Getting Started With Layout Builder for Drupal 8 & 9

Danny Englander

This session will cover the basics of getting started with Layout Builder for Drupal 8 and 9. We will cover how it can be used to supercharge your site building tasks so that content editors can utilize the awesome power of Layout Builder for a unique front-end presentation. 

In this talk, we will go over:

The Future of Accessibility is Choice

Every day we have a series of choices to make. Get up early to work-out or hit snooze and sleep a bit longer? Make a nutritious meal at home or order something maybe just a bit less healthy to go? Finally, stop rocking sweatpants at work or switch to wearing PJs instead? All the choices we make - even the little ones - shape our identities and empower us in our own lives.

Rebuilding the College Website During a Pandemic: A Journey of Discovery

Kevin Pittman
Georgia Institute of Technology

A look at my 2020 year-long project of migrating the website for the Ivan Allen College of Liberal Arts at Georgia Tech from a completely proprietary content system to Drupal 9, all while dealing with the uncertainties and headaches of a pandemic.  We'll explore how I dealt with finding and getting content out of a one-of-a-kind CMS with zero documentation and managed the project with virtually