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Drupal Camp Asheville 2022 - IN PERSON - July 8th-10th

Improving Data Access and Editorial Experience for the Center for American Women and Politics

Sean Walsh
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Sean is a co-founder of CrowdCG and works with higher ed and non-profit clients primarily using Drupal, since 2012. Sean works as a full stack developer and provides design oversight for projects.

Jessica Bladon

Jessica is a co-founder of CrowdCG and work with higher ed and non-profit clients primarily using Drupal, since 2012. Jessica manages accounts and projects and works on content strategy and site building.

The Center for American Women and Politics recently launched 2 Drupal websites that fulfill a long held goal of providing greater access to their data on women officeholders. This presentation will talk about these 2 projects, including the challenges and successes of each.

Overcoming Backdrop barriers: module ports and themes

Justin Keiser
Academy of Model Aeronautics
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Justin Keiser, Drupal Web Programmer for the Academy of Model Aeronautics, learned about Backdrop CMS at DrupalCamp Asheville in 2019.
The upgrade process from Drupal 7 to Backdrop CMS is a refactoring rather than a rewrite but can still have challenges.  It can, however be a cost-effective solution for an organization happy with their existing website and platform.

App-like web capabilities for your, coupled, decoupled, or hybrid Drupal project

Alex Borsody
Moonraft Innovation Labs
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Alex has been a software developer for around 15 years. He tries to bridge the gap between reliable, established, and cutting-edge technologies.
Wilfred Arambhan
Moonraft Innovation Labs
Wilfred Arambhan

Wilfred works as a Drupal tech lead for Moonraft Innovation Labs. His areas of expertise and interest lie in open source technologies and content management systems. He has spent his free time mostly with his furry friends and traveling.

Drupal can be used as a pluggable backend using just about any API you can think of. By integrating with these APIs you can build just about any business apps you would find on the App Store or Google Play.

5 risk mitigation tips for deploying Drupal at scale

John A Richards
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John is the Manager of Developer Advocacy at Pantheon and lives in the greater St. Louis area with his wife and clowder of cats. He is a connector of people and an evangelist for the Open Web.
As the visibility of a website scales up, so does the amount of risk so we are going to talk about mitigating that risk.  The right workflows can reduce or mitigate the risk that comes with managing Drupal sites at scale.

Google Analytics 4: Upgrade Before It's Too Late!

Stephen Pashby
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As Account Manager at DesignHammer, Stephen focuses on sales, account services, website strategy, analytics, and project management.
Google has announced the end of support for Universal Analytics in July 2023. Don't wait until your Google Analytics stops working to implement Google Analytics 4! We will review the differences between Universal Analytics and Google Analytics 4, how to best plan your transition and configure equivalent (or better) tracking in Google Analytics 4, and common ways to easily implement Google Analytics 4 in Drupal.

Why is building components in Drupal so difficult?

Kyle Einecker
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Kyle has been working with Drupal since 2014, doing everything from theming, module development, to full on project architecture. He is active in the Drupal community and submits modules, patches, speaks at conferences/camps, and is an "Acquia Triple Certified" developer.
In this session, we'll establish the parts of an individual component and what a component system needs to be successful. From there we'll look at various component system architectures and try to identify common pain points to see if there are bigger problems we should be addressing as a community. 

Drupal 9 Multisite: Lessons Learned from 67 Sites and Counting

Mac Clark
NC Dept. of Information Technology
mac clark with a baby

Mac works on a Drupal 9 multisite platform supporting 67 state government websites. They are migrating the last of their Drupal 7 sites to this platform in summer 2022, and they couldn't be happier to finally be finishing that up. Ha is also a part-time history teacher.

The Digital Solutions team at the NC Dept. of Information Technology has developed a custom distribution of Drupal 9 that supports 67 state government websites, including Governor Cooper's official site, the COVID-19 Response Portal, and the NC Citizen Portal.

Introduction to Backdrop CMS

Justin Keiser
Just Keiser Head Shot

Justin Keiser, Drupal Web Programmer for the Academy of Model Aeronautics, learned about Backdrop CMS at DrupalCamp Asheville in 2019.  Since then he began working on a daily basis with Backdrop in addition to Drupal and WordPress.

Backdrop CMS is Drupal 7, but it includes many of the features you'll find in Drupal 8+. It's been optimized for performance and improved for usability. Backdrop is targeted towards companies and organizations that are delivering comprehensive websites on a budget.