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Drupal Camp Asheville 2024 - July 12th-14th

Level Up Your DDEVry

Bernardo Martinez

DDEV provides a powerful suite of commands and tools that often go underutilized. You may have read about some of them, but have you seen them in action?

This session provides a quick overview of DDEV architecture and how it can empower you and developers of all levels to get up and running in minutes.

Getting Stuff Done: Working with Queues in Drupal

Erich Beyrent

Processing large volumes of data in a long-running task is neither performant nor scalable.  If you've ever had to bulk update entities with an update hook and Batch API, or with a script run via drush, you know what I'm talking about.  If you've ever had to send thousands of emails with Drupal and a hook_cron() implementation, you know how tricky that can be to process them all in a reasonable

Professional Drupal Module Development Tools (Visual Studio Code + DDEV/Lando)

Michael Anello
Looking to set up your local development environment with tools necessary to build top-notch Drupal custom modules? In this half-day workshop, Mike Anello, lead instructor of DrupalEasy's 90-hour Professional Module Development course, will help you set up Visual Studio Code alongside your existing DDEV or Lando installation with all the plugins, extensions, and code quality tools to put you in a position to succeed. Tools covered will include Drupal Coder (phpcs, phpcbf), PhpStan, PhpUnit, and Xdebug. 

Event Management with Drupal and Commerce

Rich Gerdes
Unleashed Technologies
The event registration module is designed to handle not only individual attendees, but also speakers, sponsors, and supporting persons and organizations. Through the extensibility of Drupal Commerce and entities, these modules can provide a solution for almost any event situation. 

Creating a Custom Packagist

Allan Chappell
Four Kitchens
The goal of this article is to give you some ideas on how to host a solid packagist for a team, organization, or client while describing how the Four Kitchens team came up with a fun and creative solution to provide this functionality using the tools our client had on hand