PHP / Symfony

Drupal Camp Asheville 2024 - July 12th-14th

Event Management with Drupal and Commerce

Rich Gerdes
Unleashed Technologies
The event registration module is designed to handle not only individual attendees, but also speakers, sponsors, and supporting persons and organizations. Through the extensibility of Drupal Commerce and entities, these modules can provide a solution for almost any event situation. 

Creating a Custom Packagist

Allan Chappell
Four Kitchens
The goal of this article is to give you some ideas on how to host a solid packagist for a team, organization, or client while describing how the Four Kitchens team came up with a fun and creative solution to provide this functionality using the tools our client had on hand

Intermediate OOP in Drupal: Patterns, Services, Events and Dependency Injection

Jonathan Daggerhart
Daggerhart Lab
This training will best serve developers who have some understanding of OOP, and want to learn more about the theory behind best practices seen in Drupal 8+ and Symfony. The approach of this training is a series of discussions paired with practical examples of how the topics apply to Drupal 8 module development. If things get really wild, we'll live-code some modules.

Practical CS: Memory and Garbage Collection in PHP

Jim Vomero
Four Kitchens

It’s easy to forget that our programs actually run on metal; where ones and zeros are stored as charges in physical components. Modern programming languages give us a false feeling of separation from these circuit boards. Interpreted languages like PHP offer such flexibility, we often don’t consider the low-level issues, such as how our code affects memory allocation.