Learn Laravel: Intro for Drupal Developers

Drupal Camp Asheville 2024 - July 12th-14th

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Lee Walker
Code Journeymen
Lee Walker and his dog

Drupal Developer for more than 15 years. Organizer of Chattanooga Drupal Users Group, and Drupal Camp Chattanooga.

Learn to build web apps with Laravel

Laravel development is very complementary to Drupal development. This will be a quick intro to Laravel, learning the basics that will allow you to build apps from scratch.

We'll work through bootcamp.laravel.com using Blade (Laravel's templating language, like Twig in Drupal) as a front-end, build the Chirper app together, ask questions, and learn where to go for more info.

We will cover Database generation with migrations, Database queries with Eloquent, database seeding, front-end with Blade, Laravel routing system, Laravel controllers, Laravel middleware, Laravel authentication, etc.

Who is the ideal audience member, the person who would get the most out of this training?

  • Any Drupal developer that writes PHP.
  • Front-end developers that are interested in learning more about Back-end development.
  • Developers at any level are welcome.

What will attendees take away from this training?

  • An understanding of Laravel basics.
  • When to use Laravel over Drupal.

What kind of technical knowledge do people need going into this training?

  • Some familiarity with the command line and Git.
  • Can build a local Drupal site using Lando or DDEV. 
  • Basic understanding of PHP.

Before attending the training

Please have the following downloaded and installed on your laptop:

  1. PhpStorm or Visual Studio Code
  2. Docker Desktop and Lando