DevOps Past, Present, and Future

Adam Bergstein has been a long-standing tool that has served Drupal community members with  an easy-to-use tool for creating Drupal sandboxes. This session walks through how people use SimplyTest and shares the various features of SimplyTest and the current underlying technical architecture, including the distributed computing infrastructure, use of LXC, and the Drupal 7 based provisioning platform. Based on lessons learned and emerging technology, a roadmap has been created to both modernize and evolve SimplyTest.

Make Local Dev Great with Lando!

Aaron Feledy

Asking members of your team to spin up local copies of your Drupal application can result in all sorts of different solutions to the same problem. Some might spin up VMs, some might spin up their own combination of Docker Containers, and some might struggle with native solutions on their own machines. Adding common services and development tools such as xdebug, mailhog, or drush may pose additional problems, depending on the solution that was implemented.

Technical Lead, the balance between leadership and soft skills.

Michelle Torres Villanueva

The role of the technical leader within a development team can ensure quality software, content developers and above all, professional growth.

Let's talk about personal experiences and conclude on the key points to be a good technical leader.

About Michelle

Passionate IT professional, a born leader, with experience in all software development lifecycle performing roles as project manager, analyst, technical leader and programmer using agile and waterfall methodologies.

Getting closer to your customer: Using Drupal in the last mile

Kelly Albrecht

With all of the advances in DevOps, it is easy to focus on delivering more, faster, as our important measures of success. However, DevOps is as much about listening as it is about delivering. How do we know we are delivering the right things? How are we informing our customers of this work and getting their feedback effectively?

No More Post-Its! Automate Configuration in Drupal 7 & 8

Chris OConnor

Learn to change tires on a moving car! 

In this session, you'll learn efficient and bulletproof(-ish) ways to roll out significant changes to new/existing sites without any manual UI changes. No more scribbling, code-pushing, and clicking: enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your configuration will automatically cascade into all your environments.

We'll touch on:

ERC360: A case study on how to serve a large number of institutions with Drupal Multisite

Michael Nolan

The Drupal Content Management System offers a wealth of opportunities to crowdsource gathering information and to distribute content, but what happens when you are looking to server multiple institutions, each wanting their own Drupal site?

In this talk, Michael Nolan, the founder of Cerium Software LLC, will talk about the evolution of CeriumSoft's ERC360 platform, and how they are leveraging Drupal Multisite, HAProxy, Git, and Percona to build a research reporting system that currently serves 18 universities that comprise 5 NSF Engineering Research Centers.

Easy Automated Testing with Pull Request Environments on your own servers with DevShop

Jon Pugh

DevShop is an open-source Drupal hosting platform that can be used for production, development and testing environments. 

Powered by a Drupal web interface, simply enter your websites source code, name your environments, pick your branches, and start running Behat tests on every git push.

DevShop allows you to setup automated Behat testing without writing any scripts, creating any YAML files, or learning about Jenkins or Docker. 

Easily launch new environments for every pull request or every branch of your git repository.