Drupal Camp Asheville 2024 - July 12th-14th

Decoupled Drupal Dev on Docker with Docksal Doing the Dirty Work

JD Flynn

When a decoupled project begins one of the hardest parts that I’ve found is setting up a local environment to simulate all the necessary components.  How will the CMS be served? How will the decoupled front end be displayed? What about the dev server for rendering previews? Can I still call it headless or is decoupled the only appropriate word?

Security in Drupal: what can go wrong?

Benji Fisher
Let's "get off the island" and look at Drupal security from the point of view of an outsider. The OWASP Top Ten is an industry standard list of the most common vulnerabilities that can affect web sites. This session will start with an overview of the Top Ten, and then take a more detailed look at a few of these vulnerabilities. We will review some actual Drupal security advisories:

Creating a Custom Packagist

Allan Chappell
Four Kitchens
The goal of this article is to give you some ideas on how to host a solid packagist for a team, organization, or client while describing how the Four Kitchens team came up with a fun and creative solution to provide this functionality using the tools our client had on hand

Demystifying Git - Version Control From First Principles

Dwayne McDaniel
This session will peel back the shroud of mystery that envelops Git, showing that there is nothing overly complex or terrifying about the inner workings of the world's most popular version control system. This talk is for everyone, from the complete Git novice to folks who have been pushing code for years but maybe have never stopped to look at how Git does its thing.

DevOps with Lando

Aaron Feledy
Arrow One Solutions LLC
Developing, testing, maintaining, and deploying your Drupal application can involve many complicated, repetitive, or otherwise cumbersome tasks and processes. Automating and streamlining these operations can save time, increase engagement within your team, and empower developers to ship more often and with a higher degree of confidence.

Drupal Development in the Cloud

Bassam Ismail

There are a plethora of options to set up a Drupal environment for local development; from MAMP to Virtual Machines to Docker. The developer experience of all these solutions has improved greatly over the course of the last few years. Install the application, run a few commands and you have a Drupal environment with various dependencies up and running.

Three ways to run Drupal on AWS - Amazon Web Services

Salim Lakhani
Three ways to run Drupal on AWS: 1) deploying distros, projects, and templates for testing and contributions 2) deploying small sites to cheap (but reliable) LightSail servers 3) deploying critical sites to high-availability, auto-scaling Kubernetes clusters.