From Setback to Security: Navigating Data Loss in AWS

Drupal Camp Asheville 2024 - July 12th-14th

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Justin Keiser
Academy of Model Aeronautics
From Setback to Security: Navigating Data Loss in AWS with Justin Keiser

Imagine starting your week with the discovery that all your AWS-hosted photos have vanished. This unsettling scenario became our reality when AWS S3 bucket keys were compromised, leading to the unexpected deletion of essential digital assets. While our websites continued to operate, the loss highlighted the fragility of our digital storage practices and sparked a journey towards securing our assets against future threats. This session will share insights into the incident, focusing on the loss and recovery of photos, the implementation of robust backup strategies, and the importance of securing sensitive information. We'll explore actionable strategies for preventing data loss, enhancing AWS security, and ensuring that your digital assets remain safe and recoverable.