Case Study Past, Present, and Future

Adam Bergstein has been a long-standing tool that has served Drupal community members with  an easy-to-use tool for creating Drupal sandboxes. This session walks through how people use SimplyTest and shares the various features of SimplyTest and the current underlying technical architecture, including the distributed computing infrastructure, use of LXC, and the Drupal 7 based provisioning platform. Based on lessons learned and emerging technology, a roadmap has been created to both modernize and evolve SimplyTest.

Beyond User Personas - Value Proposition Canvas

Nancie McCraw

User personas are good tools, but they have limits. They take a narrow look at what a specific "person" is going to do on a website. Personas don't give us a bigger picture of what drives our users and why they do the actions in the first place.

A value proposition canvas is a different way to look at users. It identifies all the things that are high value to the users. Once we understand this about the users, we can take a look at our products and services to align them with our user needs.

ERC360: A case study on how to serve a large number of institutions with Drupal Multisite

Michael Nolan

The Drupal Content Management System offers a wealth of opportunities to crowdsource gathering information and to distribute content, but what happens when you are looking to server multiple institutions, each wanting their own Drupal site?

In this talk, Michael Nolan, the founder of Cerium Software LLC, will talk about the evolution of CeriumSoft's ERC360 platform, and how they are leveraging Drupal Multisite, HAProxy, Git, and Percona to build a research reporting system that currently serves 18 universities that comprise 5 NSF Engineering Research Centers.

Building websites for scientist, the management and the public: An example from CERN

Nefeli Kousi

The session will be devided in 4 parts: 
Part 1: Getting specifications: an approach to bring a number of very smart people in a room and go away with a plan everyone agrees on. 
Specifications are always one of the hardest parts of any technical project. In the scientific world, where consensus is vital, one can find themselves in need of multiple approaches in order to please everyone. In this part I will use my experience building websites for the CERN Physics department as an example to provide some tools for extracting and freezing specifications.  

My-Great Migrate API Experience

Kyle Levitan

Migrating from Drupal 6 to Drupal 7 felt a little hacky to me, simply because there was no solid convention or method in place at the time of our migration. The contributed Feeds module was a reliable solution, but it was not designed for porting an entire site, let alone transforming and messaging the data in order to match Drupal 8's core and contributed table structure. Drupal 8 now offers a core feature for migrating site content called, the Migration API.

Four Communication Hacks to Manage Clients and Win

James Smith

(ALL skill levels; ALL team sizes.)

That heart-attack-moment. Your client is freaking-out, right now; right in your face with a full-blown meltdown! At the end of it all they always ask that same question, "So what are you going to do about this!?..."

This yelling-in-your-face will nott stop until you have told this client something they want to hear, but what?... They are not going to believe a word you say. So how do you figure this out and survive the heart attack!?

Build a powerful, highly performant search application with React, Apache Solr, and Drupal

Kosta Harlan

This spring, our team built a high performing, ultra fast search interface for a client Drupal site using React JS, Apache Solr, and the Drupal Search API module.

This project allowed the client to leverage some of the well-established benefits of decoupling Drupal's content from the presentation layer, while also avoiding many of the challenges that complete decoupling involves.

Insights you'll get from this talk:

Creating an online business workflow with no custom code

Jon Firebaugh

What started out as a simple brochure website has become a file repository with workflow automation replacing MS Word documents, that were tedious to fill out. The entire site is built from contrib with no custom code!

Drupal has been promoted as being modular like a set of legos and this session demonstrates the capabilities that Drupal offers to non-developer site builders.

This session was well received at an April Chardug meet up. The process, issues, and modules used will be discussed.