From squiggles to straight lines: Sketch to make decisions & get on with it

Drupal Camp Asheville 2024 - July 12th-14th

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Marissa Epstein
Marissa Epstein
Hand Drawn Title Card For Squiggles To Straight Lines

The TL;DR is that sketching is a fast way to communicate intentions clearly, iteratively, and collaboratively, and is crucial in my lean discovery and UX processes. Let me show you what works for me.

From Moleskines to Post-its to digital tablets, I sketched and doodled my way through design school and my previous career as an Art Director. Thankfully, this practice is just as relevant for me now, as a UX Designer working on large-scale Drupal websites (as well as within other project roles you might not expect).

I'll present ways you too can sketch your way to a successful launch. Harness your innate ability to ask your project team "do you mean this?" and to align everyone around a quick doodle. Communicate functionality and jumpstart development without all the pixel polishing.

In this talk, I will walk through several sketch-based artifacts and activities we use at Lullabot, sharing examples from recent content strategy & user experience projects. This will include sketching remotely, on-site workshop activities, and digitally iterating from either.

Leave with some clear action items, tool recommendations, and ideas for how to incorporate sketching into your process, and hopefully also some doodles in your conference notes.

Learning Objectives

  1. Learn how to sketch with a group to facilitate discussions and document decisions
  2. See how Lullabot uses sketching to collaborate remotely on design deliverables
  3. Get tips and tools for how to incorporate sketching into your projects

This session is good for:

  • Interactive Designers
  • Strategists
  • Project Managers & Product Owners
  • Anybody interested in communicating complex ideas visually
  • Note: While the session will provide some intermediate information, beginners are super-duper welcome and will also find value!

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