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Drupal Camp Asheville 2024 - July 12th-14th

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Submission Information

Session selection schedule:

  • April 1, 2024 - Deadline for all session proposals
  • April 15, 2024 - Sessions selected
  • April 22, 2024 - Sessions confirmed
  • April 29, 2024 - Session schedule announced

Selected speakers will receive a code to redeem a free general admission ticket to camp.

By submitting a session to Drupal Camp Asheville, you agree to the following:

  • That you will follow the Code of Conduct.
  • That you will follow the COVID Protocols.
  • If selected you will attend the camp (July 13th, 2024) and present your session.
  • If you need to cancel your attendance and/or presentation, you will notify the camp organizers as soon as possible so that they can arrange for a substitution.
  • That your presentation may be recorded and made available online.
  • That you will not include any proprietary material in your session that you do not have the legal right to include.

Speaker Information

  • You will have 45 minutes for your session. You may include a Q&A session as part of that, but we ask that you have at least 30 minutes worth of material prepared.
  • After your session, continue the conversation in a common area with attendees to answer additional questions.
  • Speakers presenting in person should plan to arrive in their room to set up at least 5 minutes before the session is scheduled.
  • You should have:
    • Your computer with plenty of power
    • Any special cables or adapters needed
    • Your presentation/slides prepared to present
    • If your presentation is pre-recorded, your video on your computer

Presenter Resources are available with tips for creating a presentation and options for accommodations or other formats.

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