Session submissions

Drupal Camp Asheville 2024 - July 12th-14th

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  1. Advanced Layout Builder for the Ambitious Site Builder

    Topics: Site Building

    Layout Builder is great - right?  Not really - “out-of-the-box” it’s pretty terrible.  Despite a few initiatives that are trying to create a better experience, we’re probably a couple of years away from seeing anything specific.  

    This session is going to present Layout Builder in a way that actually makes it easier to use with beautiful results that anyone can implement.  You’ll come away with a list of recommended contrib modules, a list of configuration settings, and a completed site with styles, pre-set blocks and more - all without a line of code and without locking in to any vendor.

    We’ve been using this approach to convert non-Drupal sites over quickly, along with making the content editor’s job a LOT easier.


  2. Migrating the A11yTalks Website from React Components to Single Directory Components and Storybook

    Topics: User Interface & Design, Case Study, Site Building, Front End

    A11yTalks is a monthly virtual meet-up that focuses on speakers and discussions centered around digital accessibility. Over the past five years, its website has been hosted on the Gatsby platform. However, a recent decision was made to transition to Drupal 10. Given that the React-based platform utilizes various components, the shift to Single Directory Components became evident. This session will delve into the processes involved in migrating the React theme to Drupal, highlighting the steps taken and providing insights into the conversion from JSX to Twig. Additionally, we will review the new Storybook module and how it is used to show the components as we build them.

  3. Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) with Headless Drupal and React

    Topics: Drupal Core, Front End

    This session delves into the cutting-edge realm of Progressive Web Apps (PWAs), exploring their innovative potential in conjunction with Headless Drupal and React. Attendees will gain insight into the intricacies of PWA implementation, including step-by-step guidance on integrating PWAs with Headless Drupal. Highlighting the robust offline support inherent in PWAs, as well as the dynamic capabilities of push notifications, the session elucidates how to craft an app-like user experience. Through a live demonstration, participants will witness firsthand the transformative impact of PWAs. Furthermore, a comprehensive examination of the pros and cons, as well as a forward-looking analysis of the product's future trajectory, will equip attendees with a well-rounded understanding of the PWA landscape.

  4. Maximizing Performance in Headless Drupal

    Topics: User Interface & Design, User Experience & Accessibility, Front End

    Join us for an in-depth exploration of performance optimization strategies tailored specifically for Headless Drupal deployments. This session delves into advanced techniques for enhancing performance, accessibility, and SEO, all within the context of Headless Drupal architecture. Through live demonstrations and real-world examples, attendees will gain practical insights into implementing best practices to elevate website performance. By the end of the session, participants will emerge equipped with solutions to address common challenges faced by developers striving to achieve optimal Lighthouse scores. Don't miss this opportunity to unlock the full potential of your Headless Drupal projects!

  5. Transforming Your Digital World with Drupal as a Service

    Topics: Business Development, Community, Site Building

    we will explore the transformative power of Drupal as a Service (DaaS) and its impact on the digital landscape. Drupal, a powerful open-source content management system, has evolved beyond traditional installations, giving rise to the concept of Drupal as a Service. This session will delve into the key features, benefits, and practical applications of DaaS, showcasing how it can revolutionize your digital presence

  6. Exploring AI for Drupal Development

    Topics: Business Development, User Experience & Accessibility

    2023 appears to be the year that Artificial Intelligence emerged from the shadows and into the mainstream, but the potential of AI has barely scratched the surface. AI is here and its impact on life and work is developing at an exponential pace.

    As this disruptive technology is generating quick answers, streamlining processes, and creating vast new efficiencies, hundreds of possibilities for AI – ranging from healthcare diagnoses, to cybersecurity threat detection, government services, Drupal development, API development, and many, many more – are taking shape.

  7. Solr Demystified

    Topics: PHP / Symfony, Site Building

    Apache Solr has had remarkable longevity. Add to it the convenience of being available in major Cloud hosting platforms like Acquia and Pantheon, Solr continues to be a very popular option to drive site search. Most of us have a basic understanding of indexing, Fulltext fields, Facets etc.; but how does Solr actually work? What are those configset XML files all about? What does Ngram, Edge, stemmed/unstemmed, omit norms, mean? How can we better leverage Solr's features to get the functionality we want?

    This session aims to provide an overview of Solr in the context of Drupal and Search API. We will cover setting up and configuring Solr itself and how to integrate it in Drupal with Search API, Views, and Facets. There will be a high level overview as well as a more in-depth look aimed at intermediate-level developers.

  8. From Setback to Security: Navigating Data Loss in AWS

    Topics: Case Study, DevOps

    Imagine starting your week with the discovery that all your AWS-hosted photos have vanished. This unsettling scenario became our reality when AWS S3 bucket keys were compromised, leading to the unexpected deletion of essential digital assets. While our websites continued to operate, the loss highlighted the fragility of our digital storage practices and sparked a journey towards securing our assets against future threats. This session will share insights into the incident, focusing on the loss and recovery of photos, the implementation of robust backup strategies, and the importance of securing sensitive information. We'll explore actionable strategies for preventing data loss, enhancing AWS security, and ensuring that your digital assets remain safe and recoverable.

  9. Color in CSS: using new spaces, functions, and techniques to make your site shine

    Topics: Front End

    When working with color on the web, we’ve always had a few choices: HEX, RGB, and HSL. In recent years, however, the color level 4 specification introduced a few newcomers: HWB, LCH, okLCH, LAB, and okLAB. What are these new color options, and what do they add to variety of color choices we already have? Let’s get nerdy about colors and the options we have today.
    In this talk, I will discuss

    * What’s new in the CSS Color Module Levels 4 and 5
    * An overview of color spaces available today
    * How to use some of the new CSS color functions
    * Using CSS custom properties to change the values of color items within each color space
    * Ways to ensure the colors you use on your site are accessible by using prefers-contrast, light-dark, and other modern techniques

    Attendees will come away from this session with a deeper knowledge of the new color spaces and CSS color functions to make adding color to your site even easier!

  10. Introduction to GitHub Actions: Understanding Key Terms and Building Your First GitHub Action

    Topics: DevOps

    We all know we should be doing more automation of our software development lifecycle, but getting started can be challenging. Even if you have experience in continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) automation, learning a specific platform's terminology and idiosyncrasies can be frustrating.   

    This presentation is designed to provide an overview of GitHub Actions, a CI/CD platform that allows you to automate your build, test, and deployment pipelines, and writing one's first Action, a reusable component that can automate repeatable tasks. We'll start by going over key terms and concepts in the GitHub Actions platform, such as actions, workflows, events, and jobs, and explain how they can be pieced together to build robust and dynamic automations.

    Then, we'll dive into the process of building your first GitHub Action, walking through the steps of creating a new action, the types of actions you can create, defining inputs and outputs, and required properties. We'll then work together to build an action that can be immediately used in your own workflows.

    Whether you're a seasoned developer looking to move to GitHub Actions, or a newcomer to automation looking to get started with your first CI/CD automation this presentation will help jumpstart your journey. 


  11. Regex: Demystifying the Hieroglyphics

    Topics: PHP / Symfony

    You're working with some data and find yourself needing to find a specific piece of information, but your searches keep matching on things that aren't what you want. While basic searches are fine for some things, in the case above, you need something more powerful. Enter regular expressions (also referred to as "regex"). BUT WAIT non-programmers! Before you scroll to the next session description: did you know that this powerful searching capability is available in things like Word and Excel, as well as Google Search Console and Google Analytics? And not only can you use it to search for information, you can also use it to transform information!

    In this session, we'll jump into a brief history of regex, discuss pattern matching, and dive into the fundamentals of how we can use regex to surface the data we've been searching for in powerful ways. We'll play some regex-based games to help hone our skills, all while demystifying the idea that regular expressions are black magic, beyond the capabilities of mere mortals.

  12. Next Js and Storybook with Drupal

    Topics: User Interface & Design, Front End

    In this session we will be cover the following aspects. 

    1) Introduction of Next Js on a wider scale.
       - Here we will talk about how Next Js is growing to be a focal point among the developers and how we can leverage Next Js with our applications.

    2) Ways of integrating Next Js with Drupal.
      - While learning about Next Js we should surely know various options available to marry our Drupal CMS with Next Js to showcase our data.

    3) Usage of storybook and why not to use the traditional method ?
      - Storybook has been a buzz since few years but have we really thought why not to go ahead with traditional way of theming in Drupal and why are we actually leveraging Storybook in Drupal ?

    4) Ways to integrate Storybook with Next Js.
      - Now that we understood two powerful tools, let's see how we can combine the two of them to have our application better performed in much optimised and systematic manner.

  13. Improving Page Builder UX with Layout Paragraphs and Single Directory Components

    Topics: User Interface & Design, User Experience & Accessibility, Case Study, PHP / Symfony, Front End

    Are you committed to using the Paragraphs module and have thousands of paragraphs in use? Are your content creators wanting a better authoring page building experience?

    NCDIT Digital Commons platform has 85 North Carolina State agency web sites and thousands of paragraphs on a Drupal 10 multi-site platform. Our content authors want a better authoring experience than long scrolling form pages to build their complex page layouts. We developed a solution using Layout Paragraphs module and customizing the Claro admin theme using Bootstrap and the paragraphs using Single Directory Components to render a WYSWYG author editing experience on the admin. The admin theme was customized and converted paragraphs to single directory components to achieve a WYSWYG content editor authoring experience that comes close to other popular page building tools while preserving Drupal’s Structured Data Model. This presentation will walk through key steps of the technical process of converting paragraphs to Single Directory Components, configuring Layout Paragraphs, using Drupal Migrate module to migrate paragraphs into Layout Sections and adjusting the Barrio Subtheme SASS build to render components correctly in the admin theme.

  14. Drupal with Hubspot CRM/CMS

    Topics: Community, Site Building

    We will be discussing how Hubspot CRM is gaining traction and how we can leverage the Hubspot CRM/CMS with Drupal.

  15. Building a LAMP Based Web Server in the 21st Century

    Topics: Case Study, DevOps

    When selecting a place to host your Drupal site (or any kind of website) you may feel stuck between the many commercial products out there, from Plesk and CPanel to third-party ISP hosting.  There is another option: you can still build your own fully open-source web server in the tradition known as LAMP (Linux, Apache HTTPD, MySQL, PHP).  We'll step through the process of standing up a LAMP server in the modern era, including how to configure it for multiple sites through virtual hosting options, and how to keep things reasonably secure.  It's not as easy as using a third-party ISP, but it's not rocket science and it's a whole lot cheaper in the long run.

  16. Unify the Association Digital Experience with Drupal Commerce

    Topics: Case Study, Site Building

    Drupal Commerce is an ideal platform for associations and other non-profits who use their websites to educate, engage, and market products, services, and fundraising campaigns to their constituents. Centarro has worked with numerous such organizations who:

    • Use Drupal's CMS features to publish rich content targeting multiple audiences
    • Sell the content itself or else goods and services related to the published content
    • Sell memberships or collect dues or donations that are one-time or recurring
    • Sell continuing education course access, credits, and certificates
    • Integrate with CRM and marketing automation tools to market to their constituents
    • Integrate with ERP and fulfillment systems to automate thousands of orders per year

    Most organizations use multiple platforms to accomplish all of the above when they could consolidate their expenses and unify their digital experience with a single platform, Drupal Commerce. Come to this session to learn how. Note: no technical background required, but this will include live demonstration of the platform's feature set and open the floor for questions about specific capabilities or development patterns as led by the audience.

  17. Getting Stuff Done: Working with Queues in Drupal

    Topics: PHP / Symfony, Drupal Core, Site Building

    Processing large volumes of data in a long-running task is neither performant nor scalable.  If you've ever had to bulk update entities with an update hook and Batch API, or with a script run via drush, you know what I'm talking about.  If you've ever had to send thousands of emails with Drupal and a hook_cron() implementation, you know how tricky that can be to process them all in a reasonable amount of time.

    What if there was another way to process lots of jobs in a fast, safe, and scalable manner?  In this session, I will introduce you to Drupal's Queue API and the database queue, which are baked into Drupal core.  We'll discuss:

    • When to use queues
    • Types of database queues in Drupal
    • Queue workers, including how to build your own scalable, dynamic queue workers
    • Automated testing of queues and queue workers


  18. Balancing Act: Navigating Resourcing with Empathy and Efficiency

    Topics: Project Management

    With crunched timelines and tight budgets, how do you take team members' well beings into consideration and not burn them out while also meeting milestones, deadlines, and the ever-shifting priorities of your stakeholders? Don't worry about answering that yourself; we're here to walk you through it!

    Through true-to-life scenarios, challenging exercises, and Q&A that focuses on people before projects, you'll learn how to:
    -- Humanize your team to leadership
    -- Communicate internally and externally with practicality and empathy
    -- Resource allocate realistically
    -- Schedule like an actual person

    And more!

    Join us for an interactive session of real-world examples on exactly how to maintain your humanity and business acumen as you recourse your projects.

  19. Oh the Stories I Could Tell: Transitioning From Teacher to Project Manager

    Topics: Business Development

    Intended audience: hiring managers and business owners 

    Don’t let the words “student”, “class”, or “parent” fool you when reading a potential hire’s resume: they’re red herrings. Teachers go through an incredible amount of education and training to be able to routinely enter high-stress situations wherein they serve, lead, document, manage, mediate, and pivot constantly. I should know; I taught middle school for seven years before transitioning to being a technical project manager.

    The examples we’ll review will be from mine, and other, teacher-turned-project management professionals to give you real world examples of the ways in which teaching and project management connect. Let me tell you, there isn’t much different between a curriculum plan and a project plan once you get to the bare bones of it.

    In this session, we’ll focus on why employers should hire former teachers for their next project management position. Attendees will leave with an understanding of:

    * Correlation between work in education and work in project management
    * What to look for in teacher resumes
    * How to recruit a teacher

    From project planning to Agile methodologies and risk mitigation, teachers do it all and are the best kept secret to project management success for your organization.

  20. The Time to Decouple Your Search is Now

    Topics: Site Building, Front End

    Search API is one of the great things about Drupal. The ability to take any of your content and map its fields, run it through processors, and add boosts allows for crafting a powerful search all from the Drupal interface. Then comes configuring the search experience itself from setting up facets, to rearranging the pager/sort/per page fields, to configuring field displays, to trying to get Ajax to work. I’ve spent hours upon hours trying to get everything working, looking correct, and working correctly. After much struggling I usually get something working but I always leave thinking surely there's a better way. Especially when I show it to site owners who comment that what I did build doesn’t feel modern, that it’s too slow, that the typeahead doesn’t feel right, that the date facet is hard to use, etc.

    The fact of the matter is Drupal Search API is great but views and facets struggle to create the experience that site owners and users expect from a modern search experience. 

    No worry though there’s a solution to our problem! Javascript! Leveraging Search API, custom web components, Drupal, and a little bit of javascript we can create a truly modern search experience that seamlessly integrates into any Drupal site.

    In this session, we’ll cover

    • Why decoupling search makes sense
    • The general architecture of a decoupled search
    • Important considerations when connecting all the moving pieces of a search page
    • A working demo of the search_web_components module
  21. Coupled? Decoupled? Headed? Headless? What Does it All Mean?

    Topics: Front End

    In an ever evolving web landscape, it's crucial to keep up with the latest trends and technologies. If you've ever found yourself scratching your head over terms like "Coupled," "Decoupled," "Headed", or "Headless" when it comes to Drupal, you're not alone. This session aims to demystify these concepts and provide a clear understanding of how Drupal fits into each.

    Join us to gain a deeper understanding of the coupled, decoupled, and headless approaches in the context of Drupal. We'll explore use cases, and best practices, and share insights into how Drupal can empower dynamic modern experiences. Whether you're new to Drupal or an experienced developer, you're bound to discover new ways to harness the power of Drupal.

  22. Prompt Engineering, Generative AI, and Drupal

    Topics: User Experience & Accessibility, Site Building

    News about Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the ways it is transforming numerous industries is everywhere. As power and capabilities of AI-based tools continue to grow, the pace of these changes will only accelerate. The good news is that by mastering these tools and using them to make you better at the work you do, you can make AI a source of job security.

    The key to getting the most from AI-based tools is an understanding of the emerging discipline or Prompt Engineering: how to structure the interaction with your Large Language Model (LLM) of choice to get the best quality result.

    This talk will cover the basic concepts needed to successfully work with AI tools, with a deeper dive on the fundamentals of Prompt Engineering. We will also look at how you can build on and apply your knowledge of Prompt Engineering with Drupal, allowing your content authors and editors to leverage the power of AI and get optimized results, even for specialized use cases.

  23. Stupendous Date Tricks

    Topics: User Interface & Design, User Experience & Accessibility, Site Building

    Managing dates and times is often complex: recurring events, timezones, daylight savings times, regional formatting conventions, and more. Add in additional presentation requirements like add-to-calendar links, registration links, and related content (like agendas, that change for each date instance) and the complexity can seem bewildering.

    Fortunately Drupal offers a rich toolset for solving these challenges. In this session we'll explore the solutions, not only showing how they work, but also detailing the modules and the configuration needed.

    During the session we'll take a fresh install of Drupal 10 and configure it to meet some advanced use cases, in real time.

  24. Your Camp Website Here! All the Features in Drupal’s Event Platform

    Topics: Community, User Experience & Accessibility, Case Study, Site Building

    Drupal’s Event Platform is a community-built, open source solution for organizing and promoting a Drupal camp or similar community event. In this session we’ll discuss what inspired its creation, how it got started, and most importantly how it can help with your event.

    We will cover the architecture, and how you could use specific parts of the Event Platform if that would better suit your needs. We will demo the initial setup, session selection and scheduling, and more.

    You’ll learn about the current technical approach, and most important of all, how you can help!

  25. Simplifying Your Admin Experience

    Topics: User Experience & Accessibility, Site Building

    We often talk about UX as a focus on making a site intuitive and easy-to-use for anonymous visitors, or perhaps registered users who need to manage their account, make a purchase, and so on. But what about the people who will use your site most? While an engaged visitor might return to your site 3-5 times a month, a site admin uses the site that many times a week, or more!

    This session will explore how UX principles apply to Drupal's back end, as well as recommend some modules and best practices to make your site easy and intuitive for your contributors.

  26. Why I Talk To Myself and How It Made Me a Better Developer

    Topics: Community

    A year ago I decided to start live streaming development as a way to motivate myself to learn new things.  Today, I stream almost every day, I've built a full stack application using TypeScript, I've learned game development, and I've done things with websockets and game engines that probably shouldn't be done.

    It all started by talking to myself in front of a camera and pressing "Start stream".

    In this session, we'll talk about how using live streaming became the ultimate rubber duck for me, and how it motivated me to learn and try new things, build a community, and expand my network around the globe.  We'll also cover what tools are available, how to set up a stream, and some tips and tricks I've picked up in the past year of streaming things that aren't me playing online games.

    If you're interested in learning more, don't forget to click that "Follow"... I mean "Register" button and attend this session.

  27. From Managed Hosting to Cloud Freedom: Three Pathways to AWS or Digital Ocean

    Topics: DevOps

    This sessions is about three ways to move your development environments and production hosting to your own cloud provider (like AWS or Digital Ocean). High-level overview of what it takes to migrate from managed hosting to your own cloud providers. We address setup, dev tools, cloud dev and staging environments, scalability, security and release management. We will look at an actual case study from start to end and consider their options and decisions.

  28. Beyond the Standup - Why Effective Culture Are Essential to Successful Teams

    Topics: Business Development, Case Study, Project Management

    There is so much focus on people, process, and product that we sometimes forget about the concept of culture as an essential ingredient for a highly effective teams. Teams who focus on building effective cultures are 15% more productive than teams who just let the culture develop and take shape on its own. 

    This session will explore the value of building a collaborative, cohesive, and inclusive team culture, its effects on individual employees, as well as on the customer experience. We will also outline how to build this kind of culture from the ground up, and most importantly, how to continuously grow and evolve the culture with the team intentionally, not by accident.

    • Level Up Your DDEVry

      Topics: DevOps, PHP / Symfony, Drupal Core, Site Building, Front End

      DDEV provides a powerful suite of commands and tools that often go underutilized. You may have read about some of them, but have you seen them in action?

      This session provides a quick overview of DDEV architecture and how it can empower you and developers of all levels to get up and running in minutes.

      We will also look at the DDEV top 10 most-asked questions for insights into what the DDEV community might have found challenging at first and how one can save that time.

    • Leveraging Diversity and Inclusion in Drupal: Empowering Change Agents

      Topics: Community, User Experience & Accessibility

      An empowering and engaging program tailored for professionals within the Drupal community who are passionate about fostering diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). In this session, Mariah will guide participants through actionable strategies to become agents of cultural change and champions of inclusivity within the Drupal ecosystem.

    • Accessibility is Whole Team Responsibility

      Topics: Community, User Interface & Design, User Experience & Accessibility, Case Study

      Our State of North Carolina Digital Commons platform supports 85 state websites that serve over 10 million constituents. As we acknowledge the growing preference for digital channels as the primary means of engagement, we work to prioritize the development and design of their websites and digital services to align with the public's expectations. We aim to deliver high-quality, user-friendly experiences that are seamless, accessible, and secure by design.

      This approach is designed to elevate customer satisfaction, foster trust, and enrich the overall user experience and could be described by three pillars of accessibility practices at NCDIT:

      • Design and develop with accessibility in mind.
      • Test for accessibility before deployment.
      • Review content for accessibility with Monsido.


    • What is an After Action Review? Let's Learn from our Issues.

      Topics: Case Study, Project Management, DevOps

      DoD developed the After Action Review (AAR) as a way to to learn quickly from soldiers' experiences in the field.

      Today, AARs have been adapted to allow software developers and security professionals to address issues as they come up with the focus being what can be learned and then put into practice.

      We will also take a look at how to use a template for conducting an AAR, who to invite to the meeting, conducting the meeting and follow up post AAR. 


    • Email authentication and deliverability: It's more than MailChimp

      Topics: Business Development, DevOps, Site Building

      In 2024, Google and Yahoo have instituted more stringent email requirements for senders who wish their email to be delivered to Gmail or Yahoo Mail accounts. Failure to meet these requirements is expects to result in email not being delivered.

      While IT teams may be aware of different authentication and monitoring standards (e.g. SPF, DKIM, DMARC, ARC, etc.), organizations frequently don't understand how these standards work together and underestimate how widely these standards need to be configured to ensure all legitimate email is delivered.

      We will review the changes at Google and Yahoo, discuss how correctly implementing authentication and monitoring standards (and adhering to good email sending behavior) is required to ensure deliverability to Gmail and Yahoo Mail (and likely other email services).