ERC360: A case study on how to serve a large number of institutions with Drupal Multisite

Drupal Camp Asheville 2024 - July 12th-14th

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Michael Nolan
Cerium Software LLC

The Drupal Content Management System offers a wealth of opportunities to crowdsource gathering information and to distribute content, but what happens when you are looking to server multiple institutions, each wanting their own Drupal site?

In this talk, Michael Nolan, the founder of Cerium Software LLC, will talk about the evolution of CeriumSoft's ERC360 platform, and how they are leveraging Drupal Multisite, HAProxy, Git, and Percona to build a research reporting system that currently serves 18 universities that comprise 5 NSF Engineering Research Centers.

Attendees will learn key concepts on how to effectively maintain and scale a Drupal multisite project for large numbers of users and institutions. Further, attendees will be introduced to the open-source software that will enable building and maintaining a successful Drupal multisite project, along with how to use Drupal's Features module to handle feature distribution to each site.