Friday Training

Drupal Camp Asheville 2024 - July 12th-14th

Drupal Camp Asheville is proud to announce full-day training workshops on Friday, July 13, 2018! Each of these workshops is included in the price of the camp admission and taught by a world-class instructor.

Registration begins at 8:30am
Trainings run 9am - 5pm (includes coffee breaks and lunch)

Space for these workshops is extremely limited, so please only register if you are 100% positive that you'll be able to attend.

Register Now and select a training as your Friday Activity.

New career starts here: Making our first professional webpage using HTML & CSS

Are you new to web development and wondering how websites are made? Wondering if a career in web development might be right for you? Start here.

  • HTML is the markup language used to place content on webpages.
  • CSS is the styling language used to arrange, design, and lay out your webpages.

HTML & CSS are the first step of your foray into web development, and you will continue to use them for as long as your career as a web developer lasts.

We will learn how to write semantically correct HTML & CSS using best-practices, tools, and techniques to make our site attractive, accessible, and maintainable. In our training, we will be given a professional, unique image of a design, and we will write HTML & CSS to turn it into a fully functional webpage.

This class is taken straight out of Debug Academy's part-time 3-month "career in Drupal Development" course. By participating in this hands-on training, you will have build an attractive webpage, have an understanding of semantically correct code, best practices, and know whether a career in web (& Drupal) development interests you.

About Trainer

Debug Academy logo

Ashraf Abed is a certified Drupal 7 & 8 Grand Master, and a former Technical Architect at Acquia. He is involved in numerous enterprise development projects and has been fortunate enough to experience working as the lead developer on Whitehouse.Gov and other prominent Drupal websites. Teaching is his passion.

He founded Debug Academy, where we enable others to kick off or improve careers in web development. If you or your team are looking to supplement, improve, or begin improving the Drupal development skill set available to you, there is no better place to come than Debug Academy. We are focused on the short and long term growth of our students.

What am I getting myself into? A Drupal 8 Crash Course for Non-Developers

Are you responsible for project management, content, or vendor selection and preparing to work with Drupal? This one-day training delivers all of the tools you need to get started. Delivered by an Acquia Certified Drupal Developer, this training will answer the questions you didn’t even know to ask. Targeted to the non-developer, this training is perfect for individuals that need to get up and running in Drupal - fast!

Attendees will benefit from a unique perspective at the intersection of Drupal expertise, project management and marketing, that only Margaret Plett can deliver as a former marketing executive and author of the Drupal 8 Acquia curricula. Individuals that are brand new to Drupal will walk away with the confidence to work within the Drupal framework and community.

This course is perfect for the non-technical site user looking to learn:

  • Drupal Terminology
  • The pillars of Drupal core functionality explained
  • How to extend, manage, and get the most out of your Drupal site
  • Considerations to raise for your development team
  • How to easily set up a “sandbox” for free, to experiment with Drupal
  • How to QA a site before accepting delivery

Attendees will benefit from the practical, hands-on knowledge provided during this training and will walk away with the ability to start adding content and managing their Drupal sites with architect-level best practice knowledge.

Who Will Gain the Most From This Training?:

Project managers, marketing & communications professionals, content managers, and those new to Drupal will gain the most from this course.

About Trainer

Promet Source logo

Cindy McCourt is a Drupal planner, builder, and trainer with the Promet Source Drupal Training Practice. She built her first site with Drupal 4.5 and didn't look back. In 2011, she shared her planning and building experience in the book, Drupal: The Guide to Planning and Building Websites. She also coauthored Drupal 8 Explained and Drupal 7 Explained with Steve Burge.

Essential Drupal 8 Developer Training

Intended for developers who have no, or limited, experience with Drupal 8 or OOP. Familiarity with Drupal 7 will be beneficial but isn't required. This workshop will help jump start your Drupal 8 coding work by laying the foundation for all the big concepts that have been recently introduced. More than just teaching these ideas, I will attempt to provide understanding behind the potential motivations for these changes and how they relate to the work you're already familiar with from Drupal 7 or other procedural frameworks/CMSs.

We'll discuss and write a custom module together that uses all of these concepts:

  • Introduction to Object Oriented Programming
  • PSR4: Namespaces and Autoloading
  • What is Symfony?
  • Drupal 8 file structure - What you need to know.
  • YAML files & Annotations
  • Services
  • Hooks vs Events
  • Custom Forms
  • Custom Block Types
  • Custom Routing with Access Control

By the end of this workshop you should be significantly more knowledgable about how Drupal 8 has changed and understand why those changes are considered improvements on Drupal 7's code base.

It will be useful to come to this training with a local development environment where you can write and run PHP. Having a Drupal 8 site to work with would be beneficial, but isn't completely necessary.

About Trainer

Long time PHP and JavaScript developer, Jonathan Daggerhart (@daggerhart) is one of the organizer of Drupal Camp Asheville and maintains various open source projects for both Drupal and WordPress.

Upgrading your local development environment with DDEV

Looking to move your local development environment to a more modern solution? This workshop will introduce students to , a Docker-powered local development environment built on modern principles and designed to be flexible, customizable, and powerful.

The workshop will include hands-on exercises for installing DDEV and its prerequisites on both Mac OS X and Windows 10 Pro, the basics of getting both new sites and existing sites up-and-running, as well as basic, day-to-day DDEV commands.

The goal is for students to be proficient and confident in using DDEV in their day-to-day professional Drupal work at the conclusion of the workshop.

Students will also be provided access to a 10-page handout and 12 screencasts demonstrating various DDEV functionality, created specifically for this workshop.

About Trainer

Mike Anello photoDrupalEasy logo

Mike Anello (@ultimike) is co-founder and vice president of DrupalEasy, a Drupal training and consulting firm based in Central Florida. Mike has been one of the main organizers of the Florida Drupal Users' Group and Florida DrupalCamps for over nine years, is a member of the Drupal Community Working Group, and also helps manage the Drupal Association's Community Cultivation Grants program.

Michael has been developing Drupal sites for over 12 years specializing in module development, theming, and general site-building with a strong focus on best practices and sustainable development. Michael is also the lead trainer and curriculum developer for DrupalEasy's intensive, 12-week Drupal Career Online (DCO) and 6-week "Mastering Drupal 8 Development Workflows with Pantheon" training programs.

He can be heard interviewing fellow Drupal community members, talking about current Drupal news, and highlighting new and upcoming modules on the twice-monthly DrupalEasy Podcast. He is an Acquia Certified Developer and a Drupal 8 core contributor.

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