Four Communication Hacks to Manage Clients and Win

Drupal Camp Asheville 2024 - July 12th-14th

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James Smith
L.A. Care

(ALL skill levels; ALL team sizes.)

That heart-attack-moment. Your client is freaking-out, right now; right in your face with a full-blown meltdown! At the end of it all they always ask that same question, "So what are you going to do about this!?..."

This yelling-in-your-face will nott stop until you have told this client something they want to hear, but what?... They are not going to believe a word you say. So how do you figure this out and survive the heart attack!?

I want to share some tools I have learned to hack the communication process and successfully navigate exactly that moment. These can be learned quickly and put into practice instantly. Four specific tools used together: 1) the mechanisms of communication, where they fail, how, and why, 2) a model for the process of conflict, and how to deal with it, 3) the the six basic emotive-states you will encounter; 4) tools to shift or dodge negative emotional reactions.

These are the tools to keep in mind when dealing with clients or employees or even your own family. Once you learn these models the dynamics of any conflict will become clearer and simpler to solve. This session is for anyone who is interested in improving their communication skills to smooth out the inevitable conflicts that arrise in our lives when dealing with both clients and work mates alike. Clear communication is the essential ingredient to achieving a success/profit for any project.


  • Parts of the communication process; how to manage them
  • Simple model of conflict; how to see it coming
  • Basic tools of conflict analysis; how to successfully solve those conflicts

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