Past, Present, and Future

Drupal Camp Asheville 2024 - July 12th-14th

Mountain View Room
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Adam Bergstein
Hook 42 has been a long-standing tool that has served Drupal community members with  an easy-to-use tool for creating Drupal sandboxes. This session walks through how people use SimplyTest and shares the various features of SimplyTest and the current underlying technical architecture, including the distributed computing infrastructure, use of LXC, and the Drupal 7 based provisioning platform. Based on lessons learned and emerging technology, a roadmap has been created to both modernize and evolve SimplyTest. This presentation outlines this future vision and presents the opportunities community members and companies can learn, contribute, and participate moving forward. We will review React, Docker, Drupal 8, Digital Ocean, and the new proposed user interface. SimplyTest will continue to serve the needs of the community in a variety of ways and we’re excited to share the evolution of the service in concert with the needs of community members.