Build a powerful, highly performant search application with React, Apache Solr, and Drupal

Drupal Camp Asheville 2024 - July 12th-14th

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Chris Russo and Dan Murphy
Savas Labs

This spring, our team built a high performing, ultra fast search interface for a client Drupal site using React JS, Apache Solr, and the Drupal Search API module.

This project allowed the client to leverage some of the well-established benefits of decoupling Drupal's content from the presentation layer, while also avoiding many of the challenges that complete decoupling involves.

Insights you'll get from this talk:

  • We'll explain the architecture decisions and the tradeoffs needed to build this interface
  • Gotchas with Apache Solr and the Search API default configuration
  • Best practices for including React in your Drupal project
  • Considerations for how the same technique could be used to improve other aspects of a Drupal site