Web Accessibility

Drupal Camp Asheville 2024 - July 12th-14th

Mountain View Room
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Jeremy Proffitt
User Theory

This session will cover several areas on web accessibility. Web Accessibility 101 and the legal aspect for business. This talk is not specific to Drupal, but focuses on best practices that apply to any website.

Some of the accessibility 101 things I will cover are:

  • What is accessibility and why design for it
  • Great Alt Text
  • Accessible Forms
  • Skip To Content Integration
  • Accesskey Integration
  • Site Structure Importance
  • and more.

Legal & beneficial aspects of accessibility:

  • Who has to be in compliance and why
  • What is compliance
  • Covering Priority 1 and Priority 2 WCAG standards
  • Potential Legal Issues / Fines
  • Benefits for the business to being in compliance (loyal customers, untapped markets, brand loyalty)
  • and a few more topics