Modular Development in Drupal 8

Drupal Camp Asheville 2023 - IN PERSON - July 7th-9th

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Adam Bergstein

The integration of design and development is still a work in progress. The pursuit of beautiful visuals often leads to complex development demands, compounded by the need for parity with responsive, grid-based web systems. The stark differences between the two disciplines can widen the gap between the creative vision of a website and the actual achievement of it.

Modular design has brought a new dynamic to the collaboration between designers and developers by isolating specific features that define reusable components and patterns implemented into a system. Tools like Pattern Lab, Sketch, and InVision are helpful to designers, but leave developers wondering: what are the best practices for effectively building out websites using modular design?

In this presentation, we’ll explore solutions in Drupal 8 such as the new Block system for reusable components, Panels for layouts and content administration, and a review of theming architectural recommendations that can help limit technical debt. We’ll also demonstrate the use of the Lighting Distribution, complementary innovations made with the Zen framework (Visual Style Guide and Components module), some insight into prototyping, and how to find the sweet-spot of mixins, templates, and isolated component-based CSS/SCSS files.

By utilizing the right tools and strategies, we believe design and development can begin to form a more perfect union.

Iris Ibekwe will co-present