Keynote: The Unintentional Findings of a Honey Badger

Drupal Camp Asheville 2024 - July 12th-14th

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Adam Bergstein
Adam Bergstein Profile 2016

We can often be blind to our own predispositions, like that of being a honey badger. To evolve, we must learn who we are, recognize our own biases and tendencies, and seek transformation. Let’s explore how we can see our daily interpersonal interactions as an opportunity to be better, even as we struggle with our own inner honey badgers

Adam Bergstein ( ID: nerdstein) has over eight years of Drupal development experience architecting enterprise-grade solutions across a variety of sectors. He has ported many popular security and compliance related modules to Drupal 8, like Password Policy, Password Strength, Two-Factor Authentication, Google Authenticator Login, Encrypt, Key, File Encrypt, Field Encrypt, and Pubkey Encrypt.

Adam currently works as Associate Director of Engineering for CivicActions, providing web-driven open source solutions for public sector clients who are often subject to strict security and compliance regulations. Adam has a Masters of Science in Information Security and Engineering from Penn State University and has achieved the Acquia Grand Master certification.

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