Drupal Development in the Cloud

Drupal Camp Asheville 2024 - July 12th-14th

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Bassam Ismail
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There are a plethora of options to set up a Drupal environment for local development; from MAMP to Virtual Machines to Docker. The developer experience of all these solutions has improved greatly over the course of the last few years. Install the application, run a few commands and you have a Drupal environment with various dependencies up and running. However, in case you are running an underpowered device or want to work from your tablet computer or mobile phone, none of these solutions would work. Underpowered devices led to extremely slow performance which in turn affects your productivity. On the other hand, for Tablet computers and mobile phones due to their Operating System and Architecture limitations, it isn't possible to run such applications.

In this session I'll be demonstrating:

  • How you can set up Drupal on the Cloud (AWS) for local development.
  • How to configure your IDE and Code editor to provide a development experience similar to your local environment.
  • How to seamlessly switch between multiple devices including your phone and tablet without the overhead of configuring each of them.
  • How to keep the remote environment secure.

Target Audience

  • Drupal Developers
  • DevOps team members
  • Team Leads and Project Managers inducting new team members on Projects

Learning Objectives

An alternative approach for a development environment when you are restricted by hardware or resources.

Prior Technical Knowledge

Someone who has setup a Drupal project before should be able to grasp the crux of this session.

There would be a lot more value for folks who setup local environment scripts and tooling.


Link to slides: http://ashville-slides.skippednote.com