Improving the Drupal Commerce Experience Out of the Box

Drupal Camp Asheville 2024 - July 12th-14th

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Ryan Szrama
Commerce Guys

The vast changes to the core architecture of Drupal 8 forced changes to even the most trivial contributed modules. For a robust project like Drupal Commerce, the changes amounted to a complete re-architecture that takes full advantage not just of Drupal 8 but of object oriented PHP and Composer as well. However, rather than just make sure the base feature set of Commerce 1.x continued on in Commerce 2.x, we took the opportunity to rethink some the fundamental philosophies of the project itself.

Significantly, Commerce 2.x provide a much better experience out of the box than Commerce 1.x. It's arguable the first version focused on providing a framework to a fault, leaving site builders and developers up to their own devices to configure usability focused modules like Inline Entity Form and Views Bulk Operations or critical modules that provided basic eCommerce features like an address book, secure card on file storage, HTML e-mail receipts, and more.

Attend this section to learn how Commerce 2.x was re-architected to make the best use of Drupal 8 and to learn about the wide variety of new features included in the core modules themselves providing for a much better customer, administrator, and developer experience out of the box.