How Project Management Empowers Accessibility

Drupal Camp Asheville 2024 - July 12th-14th

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“Go Away and Come Back Tomorrow” - that’s what the man at the gate to the Emerald City said to Dorthy and her companions in the Wizard of Oz. Every inaccessible site is essentially putting a face at the door that yells “Go Away” to nearly 20% of the US and Canadian populations. 

...but clients and budgets and deadlines, Oh My!

As Project Managers, you have the influence over timelines, ticket estimates, team resourcing and more. In fact, in many ways the accessibility of the projects you manage rests more in your hands than the strategists, designers and developers on your team. But don’t worry - there are no flying monkeys in this talk - rather cauldrons of information to empower you.

We’ll travel down this yellow brick road together to discuss:

  • how to plan for an accessible project, 
  • what pitfalls to look for, and 
  • how to talk to your stakeholders.

This talk may be a bit of a horse of a different color when it comes to how we approach accessibility but come away feeling empowered to fly your accessible outcomes home.

Target Audience

Project managers and team/project leaders. 

Learning Objectives

An ability to build accessibility into what they are already doing to "bake it in"

Prior Technical Knowledge

Minimal technical knowledge but management/project understanding will be needed. 

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