Open Collective Integrations for Drupal

Drupal Camp Asheville 2024 - July 12th-14th

Mt. Pisgah (228)
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Jonathan Daggerhart
Daggerhart Lab
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Open Collective is a fundraising + legal status + money management platform for communities. By connecting to one of the Fiscal Hosts on the platform, you can have 501c(3) status to support and grow your project.

This low effort access to non-profit legal status greatly reduces the burden of starting and maintaining a small project, such as a Drupal camp. Being a fundraising platform, it provides multiple mechanisms for raising funds that naturally have social aspects.

The Open Collective suite of modules for Drupal provides a means of integrating Open Collective into your Drupal site. As a collection of specialized modules, you can access your collective's data and activities as much or as little as desired. For example, by integrating Drupal Commerce with Open Collective, you could accept contributions and sell event tickets on your Drupal camp website.

In this presentation we'll look at the current state of the module, what integrations it provides today, and a roadmap for the future. It will be a casual presentation style, where feedback and discussion are more than welcome.