One Deployment Workflow: Drupal 6-8 on all hosting providers... Say whah!?

Drupal Camp Asheville 2024 - July 12th-14th

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Andy Giles
Blue Oak Interactive, LLC

Tired of having a separate deployment workflow for every project you work on? In this session we'll look at utilizing Composer & GitLab CI to streamline building and pushing any Drupal project to any hosting provider.

What this session will cover

  • Establishing a makefile or composer based build process
  • Don't committing vendor directories, libraries, compiled SASS, etc... to your git repository
  • Standardizing local development routines for Drupal 6-8
  • Using composer pre/post commands to extend the build routines
  • Running extra build steps like unit testing before code is pushed to production
  • Automatically pushing your builds to Pantheon,, Acquia, or SSH based hosting providers

Who is this session for?
This is an introductory session for developers and site builders with a basic understanding of git and want a better developer and deployment workflow. This is not a deep dive into CI, PHPUnit testing, or any other DevOps techniques.


GitLab boi_ci_examples

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