Structured SEO Data: An overview and how to for Drupal

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Greg Monroe


The search world is all about social graphing today.  Just look at Google's quick results sidebar when you search for a local business.  You see a picture of the business, rating/reviews, hours, menu and more.  Structured SEO data can help you define and shape what is shown about your site on search results.

This talk will be a brief overview of some of the various types of structured data with a deeper dive into the standard.

It will also cover various methods that can be used in Drupal to implement structured data on your site.  Some of these are standard Drupal Admin and some may require a bit of coding.

Note I'm not an SEO wiz that can tell you 'how to make your site shine' but have learned a bit while implementing this on various site.  In other words, I may not be able to tell you what to do for this, but I can tell you how to do it.  :)