5 risk mitigation tips for deploying Drupal at scale

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John A Richards
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John is the Manager of Developer Advocacy at Pantheon and lives in the greater St. Louis area with his wife and clowder of cats. He is a connector of people and an evangelist for the Open Web.
John’s passion for Open Source communities stems from the inclusive and collaborative nature of the people and their elevation of a common good. His role in Developer Advocacy affords him the opportunity to travel around the world, speaking, and engaging with the communities he loves.
Apart from work, John enjoys playing board games with friends, trying new food, and spending time reading with a cat curled in his lap.

When large numbers of people are visiting a website that’s considered great news. Well, it’s great news until something breaks and now all of those people are angry at you for it. As the visibility of a website scales up, so does the amount of risk so we are going to talk about mitigating that risk. 

The right workflows can reduce or mitigate the risk that comes with managing Drupal sites at scale. We’ll walk through how those workflows combined with automation, guidelines and reviews can enable you to move quickly and break less things.