Building an Intuitive Admin: Usability for the Forgotten End-User

Drupal Camp Asheville 2024 - July 12th-14th

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Stephen Lucero
Forum One

Nearly every new project focuses heavily on the flashy design and fancy tools it'll make for its visitors. So much focus is driven into the site user's experience to make it intuitive and pleasant, but in many cases this ignores the users that will visit the site more than anybody else: the content editors.

The topic of improving the editorial experience in Drupal has gotten much more attention in recent years through core initiatives and distributions like Lightning and Thunder exploring how to improve the administrative interactions. Making a user-friendly site admin doesn't require dedication at the level of a core initiative or distribution; through the use of existing contrib modules, some best practices, and a bit of consideration all the sites you build or manage can be intuitive and helpful to anyone logging into it with minimal added effort or risk.

Level of Knowledge

  • Content editor: Attendees interested in learning how forms could be improved even if unsure how to do so personally are welcome.
  • Site-builder: Attendees should be comfortable with installing modules and site-building configuration throughout Drupal.

Topics to be Covered

  • Principles of a good administrative experience
  • Best practices in Drupal forms
  • Contrib modules to improve your admin UX

Attendees Will Leave With...

  • Guiding principles to apply to any forms or admin experiences they encounter
  • Resources to reference for common UX best practices
  • A toolbox of modules to improve new and existing sites alike

Session Files

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