User Experience & Accessibility

Drupal Camp Asheville 2024 - July 12th-14th

Accessibility is Whole Team Responsibility

Elena Talanker
North Carolina Department of IT
Marla Laubisch
North Carolina Department of IT

Our State of North Carolina Digital Commons platform supports 85 state websites that serve over 10 million constituents. As we acknowledge the growing preference for digital channels as the primary means of engagement, we work to prioritize the development and design of their websites and digital services to align with the public's expectations.

How to Audit PDFs for 508 at Scale

Lauren Maffeo

You've read the Statement of Work for your next client project: A full content audit of their website to prepare for the client's first migration to Drupal.

This client has 50k+ PDFs on their website, and few (if any) are 508-compliant. Your job is to audit all PDFs for 508 compliance to support a new, accessible Drupal website.